Research Seminar Function Spaces
Seminar Function Spaces, July 2022
Seminar Function Spaces, July 2022
Image: Hans-Jürgen Schmeisser

Current seminar

We organise the seminar together with the research group of Jonas SauerExternal link.

The seminar takes place in the seminar room 225, Carl-Zeiss-Str. 3, unless otherwise stated. We usually start at 12.30 p.m.

12:30 Romaric Kana Nguedia (Jena/Mittweida), "Smoothing properties of the fractional Gauss-Weierstrass semi-group in Morrey spaces"

14:00 Kateryna Pozharska (Chemnitz), "Norms of sampling projections and exact Marcinkiewicz-Zygmund

Past seminars

  • winter term 2023/24

    12.30 - 12.55  Dalimil Peša (Prague), "Nonlinear Gagliardo–Nirenberg inequality and a priori estimates for nonlinear elliptic eigenvalue problems"

    13.00 - 13.25  Ladislav Drážný (Prague), "Optimal Sobolev embeddings with various measures"

    13.30 - 13.55  Simon Murmann (Jena),  "The BMS-conjecture about $L^p$-positivity preserving manifolds"

    Coffee break

    14:30 - 14.55   David Kubíček (Prague), "Explicit formulas for optimal Sobolev embedding

    15.00 - 15.25   Amiran Gogatishvili (Prague), "Relations between Growth Envelope Function
    and Capacity"

    15.30 - 15.55   Luboš Pick (Prague), "Modulus of continuity of fractional Orlicz-Sobolev functions"

    12.30 - 13.30  Hans G. Feichtinger (Vienna), "The role of $w^*$-convergence in the context of mild distributions"pdf, 106 kb

    14.00 - 15.00  Masaharu Kobayashi (Vienna), "On the spectral synthesis for the unit circle in ${\mathcal F} L_s^q({\mathbf R}^2)$"pdf, 130 kb

  • summer term 2023

    12:30   Daan van Dijk (Jena), "A compatibility condition for higher-regularity of the Cahn-Hilliard-Gurtin system on the half-space"

    14:00 Tino Ullrich (Chemnitz), "Sampling recovery of functions via \ell_1-minimization"pdf, 76 kb

    10.15 Antonio Agresti (IST Klosterneuburg), "Parabolic SPDEs in critical spaces"pdf, 38 kb

    • Friday, June 30, 2023: Stephan Dahlke (Marburg), "Towards Wavelet-hp-Methods:  The State of the Art Concerning Adaptive Quarklet Schemes"
    • Friday, July 7, 2023:

    12.30  Jan Hausmann (Dresden), "Complex interpolation of Besov, Modulation and $E^\lambda$-spaces"pdf, 137 kb

    13.30 Glenn Byrenheid (Jena), "Break of scale: hyperbolic wavelet approximation meets isotropic regularity"

  • winter term 2022/23

    12.30-12.55  Manvi Grover (Prague), "Duals of K- and J- spaces in limiting real interpolation"

    12.55-13.20  Ladislav Drážný (Prague), "Optimal function spaces in weighted Sobolev embeddings with monomial weight"

    13.20-13.45  Anna Doležalová (Prague), "Weak limit of homeomorphisms in W^{1,n-1} and the (INV) condition"

    Coffee break

    14.15-14.40  Luboš Pick (Prague), "Oscillation properties of Sobolev functions"

    14.40-15.05  Hana Turčinová (Prague), "Certain examples of regularity of domains and their relations and where to find them"

    15.05-15.30  Amiran Gogatishvili (Prague), "Upper gradient characterization of fractional order  Orlicz Sobolev space"

    • Friday, December 9, 2022:      CANCELLED!      Dalimil Peša (Prague), "On the smoothness of slowly varying functions"
    • Friday, December 16, 2022, 14.00 : Serhii A. Stasyuk (Chemnitz), "L_p-Sampling recovery for non-compact subclasses of L_{\infty}"
    • Friday, January 6, 2023: no seminar
    • Friday, January 13, 2023: Reinhard Farwig (Darmstadt), "The Navier-Stokes Equations in Domains with Moving Boundaries"pdf, 153 kb
    • Friday, January 20, 2023: no seminar
    • Friday, January 27, 2023: Elmar Schrohe (Hannover), "Trace Expansions and Noncommutative Residues for an Algebra of Shubin Type Fourier Integral Operators on R^n"
    • Friday, February 3, 2023

    12.30-13.30 Cornelia Schneider (Erlangen), "Multivariate Riesz basis of ReLU neural networks"

    14.00-15.00 Jan Vybíral (Prague),  "Lower bounds for numerical integration"

  • summer term 2022
    • Friday, 22.04.22: Erich Novak (Jena), "Optimal Algorithms for Numerical Integration: Recent Results and Open Problems"
    • Friday, 29.04.22: Sergey Tikhonov (Barcelona), "Hardy-Littlewood inequalities for Fourier transforms"
    • Friday, 06.05.22: Jonas Sauer (Jena), "Time-Periodic Weighted $L^p$-Estimates"
    • Friday, 20.05.22: Tobias Ried (Leipzig), "Cwikel's bound reloaded"
    • Thursday, 09.06.22, 16:15, SR 131, CZ 3: Hans Knüpfer (Heidelberg), "Magnetic Domains in Thin Ferromagnetic Films with Strong Perpendicular Anisotropy"
    • Friday, 17.06.22: Robert Denk (Konstanz), "Boundary value problems with rough boundary data"
    • Friday, 01.07.22:

    12:30  Gérard Bourdaud (Paris), "Szasz's theorem and its generalizations"

    14:00 Thomas Jahn (Chemnitz), "Marcinkiewicz--Zygmund inequalities for scattered and random data on the $q$-sphere";

    • Friday, 15.07.22:

    12:30  Marc Hovemann (Marburg), "B-Spline Quarklets and their Connections to the Theory of biorthogonal Multiwavelets"

    14:00  Thomas Kühn (Leipzig), "On a Problem of Lions on real interpolation spaces. The quasi-Banach case"

  • winter term 2021/22
    • Friday, 22.10.21:   Daan van Dijk (Jena), "The semilinear Cahn-Hilliard-Gurtin equation in Critical spaces"
    • Friday, 29.10.21:   Hans Triebel (Jena), "Spectral theory of Fourier operators"
    • Friday, 05.11.21:   Dorothee D. Haroske (Jena), "Compactness and nuclearity in weighted function spaces"
    • Friday, 12.11.21:   no seminar  Tag der Fakultät für Mathematik und Informatik 2021External link
    • Friday, 19.11.21:   Romaric Kana Nguedia (Mittweida), "On the Cauchy problem for a
      generalized semi-linear heat equation"
    • Friday, 26.11.21:   Zhen Liu (Jena),  "A brief introduction to Morrey spaces"
    • Friday, 03.12.21:   Bohemian Day of Function Spaces 2021 - Guests from Prague

    12.30-12.50: Vít Musil, "Positioning of the Orlicz space and optimality"

    12.50-13.10: Hana Turčinová, "Characterization of Sobolev functions with zero traces via the distance function from the boundary"

    13.20-13.40: Tuğçe Ünver, "Hardy Inequalities for Monotone Functions and Iterated Inequalities"

    13.40-14.00: Anna Doležalová, "Weak limit of homeomorphisms in W^{1,n-1} and (INV) condition"

    14.30-14.50: Aleš Nekvinda, "Properties of embeddings between Lorentz sequence spaces"

    14.50-15.10: Petr Honzík, "Example of a singular integral and a weight"

    15.20-15.40: Georgios Dosidis, "Uncentered spherical maximal functions"

    15.40-16.00: Lenka Slavíková, "Local bounds for singular Brascamp-Lieb forms with cubical structure"

    • Friday, 10.12.21:  Gérard Bourdaud (Paris) : cancelled and postponed to 2022
    • Friday, 21.01.22:  Martin Saal (Darmstadt), "Dissipative SQG equations driven by space-time white noise"
    • Friday, 28.01.22:  Henning Kempka (Jena),  "On the regularity of Brownian motion"
    • Friday, 04.02.22:  Glenn Byrenheid (Jena), "Sparse approximation for break of scale embeddings"
    • Friday, 11.02.22:  Kristóf Szarvas (Jena),   "Growth Envelope Function of Triebel-Lizorkin Spaces with Variable Exponent"
    • Thursday, 24.02.22: Markus Weimar (Bochum), "Regularity of solutions to p-Laplace equations in Besov and Triebel-Lizorkin spaces"
    • Monday, 28.03.22: Óscar Dominguez (Madrid/Lyon), "Weak-type Gagliardo spaces for families of operators"
  • summer term 2021
    • Fr, 02.07.21: Marc Hovemann  (Marburg), "Quarklet Characterizations for Triebel-Lizorkin and Triebel-Lizorkin-Morrey Spaces"
    • Fr, 09.07.21: Hans Triebel  (Jena), "Mapping properties of Fourier transforms"
    • Fr, 16.07.21: Flora Szemenyei  (Erlangen-Nürnberg), "Sobolev meets Besov: Regularity for the Poisson equation with Dirichlet, Neumann and mixed boundary values"
  • winter term 2020/21
    • Fr, 06.11.20: Helena F. Gonçalves (Jena), "Embeddings of Besov-type and Triebel-Lizorkin-type spaces on domains."
    • Fr, 13.11.20: Martin Schäfer (Chemnitz), "Signal Recovery from Random Samples."
    • Fr, 20.11.20: Zhen Liu (Jena), "The Characterizations of Two Types of Function Spaces on Non-homogeneous Metric Measure Spaces."                       
  • summer term 2020
    • Fr, 26.06.20: Hans Triebel (Jena), "Quarkonial Analysis"
    • Fr, 03.07.20: Hans Triebel (Jena), "Quarkonial Analysis, II"
    • Fr, 10.07.20: Marc Hovemann (Jena), "Truncation in Besov-Morrey and Triebel-Lizorkin-Morrey spaces"
    • Fr, 17.07.20: Julien Brasseur (Paris), "On restrictions of Besov functions"                                                          
  • winter term 2019/20
    • Fr, 18.10.19: Ciqiang Zhuo  (Hunan/Jena), "The Hardy spaces with variable exponents"
    • Fr, 25.10.19: Hans Triebel (Jena),  "Real interpolation and Lorentz smoothness spaces, I"
    • Fr, 25.10.19: Blanca F. Besoy (Madrid/Jena), "Interpolation of the measure of non-compactness of bilinear operators"
    • Fr, 01.11.19: Hans Triebel (Jena), "Real interpolation and Lorentz smoothness spaces, II"
    • Fr, 01.11.19: Sergey Artamonov (Moscow), "Characterization of periodic Besov spaces via general moduli of smoothness and approximation processes"
    • Fr, 15.11.19: Kristóf Szarvas (Budapest/Jena), "Mixed martingale Hardy spaces and future research"
    • Fr, 22.11.19: Andreas Seeger (Wisconsin/Madison), "$L^p$ improving estimates for spherical  maximal functions"
    • Fr, 29.11.19: Franz Gmeineder (Bonn), "Embeddings and fine properties of functions of bounded A-variation"
    • Fr, 06.12.19: Luboš Pick (Prague), "Existence of Moser maximizers in the Gaussian space"
    • Fr, 06.12.19: Aleš Nekvinda (Prague), "Maximal operator on variable exponent spaces"
    • Fr, 06.12.19: Amiran Gogatishvili (Prague), "Some new results related to Lorentz GΓ-spaces and interpolation"
    • Fr, 06.12.19: Ondřej Bouchala (Prague), "Injectivity almost everywhere for weak limits of Sobolev homeomorphisms"
    • Fr, 06.12.19: Eva Buriánková (Prague), "Rough maximal bilinear singular integrals"
    • Fr, 06.12.19: Jakub Takáč (Prague), "Optimality of function spaces for kernel operators"
    • Fr, 06.12.19: Tomáš Roskovec (České Budějovice) and Luděk Kleprlík (Prague), "Irregularity for domains concerning trace theorem and Sobolev type estimates"
    • Fr, 06.12.19: Filip Soudský (České Budějovice), "Estimates for intermedite derivative"
    • Fr, 13.12.19: Veniamin Krotov(Minsk), "Approximations of identity on metric measure spaces"
    • Fr, 13.12.19: Yauhen Radyna (Minsk), "Metric structure of QM coherent states"
    • Fr, 13.12.19: Sergey Bondarev(Minsk), "Some properties of Hajłasz-Sobolev functions in the critical case"
    • Fr, 10.01.20: Nick Lindemulder (Karlsruhe), "An Intersection Representation for a Class of Anisotropic Vector-valued Function Spaces"
    • Fr, 17.01.20: Sebastian Bechtel (Darmstadt). "Interpolation theory for Sobolev functions with partially vanishing trace on irregular open sets"
    • Fr, 24.01.20Helena F. Gonçalves (Jena). "Compact embeddings in smoothness Morrey spaces on bounded domains"
    • Fr, 31.01.20:  René Schilling (Dresden), "Bochner's Subordination and an Application to Function Spaces"
    • Fr, 07.02.20: Glenn Byrenheid (Jena), "Best m-term approximation in spaces of mixed smoothness"
    • Mi, 12.02.20: Nadiia Derevianko (Chemnitz), "A higher order Faber spline basis for nonlinear approximation of functions with mixed smoothness"
    • Mi, 12.02.20: Kristóf Szarvas (Budapest/Jena), "Variable exponent spaces and growth envelopes"
    • Mi, 12.02.20;  Marc Hovemann (Jena), "Besov-Morrey spaces and truncations - an introduction"
  • summer term 2019
    • Fr, 26.04.19: Sibei Yang (Lanzhou/Jena), "Weighted gradient estimates for elliptic problems with Neumann boundary conditions on non-smooth domains"
    • Fr, 03.05.19: Markus Hansen (Marburg), "Extension operators for Modulation spaces on Lipschitz domains"
    • Fr, 10.05.19:  Leszek Skrzypczak (Poznań), "Entropy numbers of compact embeddings of Smoothness Morrey spaces on bounded domains"
    • Fr, 24.05.19: Thomas Kühn (Leipzig), "Nuclear Besov embeddings"
    • Di, 04.06.19: Joscha Karl Prochno (Graz/Jena), "The asymptotic volume ratio of Schatten classes"
    • Fr, 07.06.19:  Peter Oswald (Bonn), "Some new results for Haar- and Faber-Schauder-Systems in Besov spaces"
    • Fr, 07.06.19: Michael Dreher (Rostock), "On the modulated energy functional"
    • Fr, 28.06.19: Van Kien Nguyen (Bonn), "Identifiability of Diffusion Coefficients for Source Terms of Non-Uniform Sign"
    • Fr, 05.07.19: Felix Hummel (Konstanz), "Boundary Value Problems in Spaces with Dominating Mixed Smoothness"
  • winter term 2018/19
    • Fr, 19.10.18: Hans Triebel (Jena), "Turing patterns, Lengyel-Epstein systems and Faber splines (1)"
    • Fr, 19.10.18: Sibei Yang (Lanzhou), "The $L^p$ problem for Laplace's equations in Lipschitz domains"
    • Fr, 26.10.18: Hans Triebel (Jena), "Turing patterns, Lengyel-Epstein systems and Faber splines (2) "
    • Fr, 26.10.18: Sergey Artamonov (Moscow), "Approximation by families of generalized sampling series and generalized moduli of smoothness"
    • Fr, 30.11.18: Luboš Pick (Prague), "Sobolev embeddings and Frostman measures"
    • Fr, 30.11.18: Hana Turčinová  (Prague), "Functional properties of one scale of rearrangement-invariant spaces"
    • Fr, 30.11.18: Vít Musil (Prague), "Classical operators in Orlicz spaces"
    • Fr, 30.11.18: Ondřej Bouchala (Prague), "Measures of non-compactness of Sobolev embeddings"
    • Fr, 30.11.18: Zdeněk Mihula (Prague), "On embeddings of homogeneous Sobolev spaces on the entire space"
    • Fr, 30.11.18: Dalimil Peša (Prague), "Fall of the star"
    • Fr, 07.12.18: Veniamin Krotov (Minsk), "On the quasi-unconditional basis property of the Faber-Schauder system"
    • Fr, 07.12.18: Yauhen Radyna (Minsk), "Phase space representations of functions and distributions on locally compact fields"
    • Fr, 07.12.18: Sergey Bondarev (Minsk), "Fine properties of functions from Sobolev classes on metric measure spaces"
    • Fr, 14.12.18: Henning Kempka (Jena), "Variable exponent Triebel-Lizorkin Morrey spaces"
    • Fr, 11.01.19: Marc Hovemann (Jena), "Triebel-Lizorkin-Morrey Spaces and Differences: Sufficient Conditions"
    • Fr, 18.01.19: Gérard Bourdaud (Paris), "Continuity of composition operators in Sobolev spaces"
    • Fr, 18.01.19: Marc Hovemann (Jena), "Triebel-Lizorkin-Morrey Spaces and Differences: Necessary Conditions"
    • Fr, 25.01.19: Glenn Byrenheid (Jena), "Faber-Schauder characterizations of mixed smoothness Triebel-Lizorkin spaces and applications to sparse approximation"
    • Fr, 08.02.19: Cornelia Schneider (Erlangen-Nürnberg), "Describing the singular behaviour of parabolic equations on cones in fractional Sobolev spaces"
    • Mi, 13.03.19: Piotr Bies (Warsaw), "Schauder theory for parabolic equations in variable Hölder spaces"
  • summer term 2018
    • Fr, 06.04.18: Wen Yuan (Beijing), "Superposition operators on BMO-type Spaces of Bourgain,  Brezis and  Mironescu"
    • Fr, 06.04.18: Suqing Wu (Beijing), "Variable 2-Microlocal Besov-Triebel-Lizorkin-Type Spaces"
    • Fr, 06.04.18: Jun Liu (Beijing), "Anisotropic Variable Hardy-Lorentz Spaces and Their Real Interpolation"
    • Do, 12.04.18: Fernando Cobos (Madrid), "Duals of Besov spaces with logarithmic smoothness"
    • Fr, 20.04.18: Therese Mieth (Leipzig), "Approximation numbers and eigenvalue problems"
    • Fr, 04.05.18: Stephan Dahlke (Marburg), "Quarklet Frames in Adaptive Numerical Schemes"
    • Fr, 18.05.18: Hans-Jürgen Schmeißer (Jena), "On the Cauchy problem for a generalized nonlinear heat equation"
    • Fr, 01.06.18: Hans Triebel (Jena), "Function spaces with dominating mixed smoothness"
    • Fr, 29.06.18: Thomas Kühn (Leipzig), "Approximation and tractability of isotropic Sobolev embeddings with increasing smoothness"
    • Fr, 27.07.18: Nurlan Temirgaliev (Astana), "Around the Smolyak  Method."
  • winter term 2017/18
    • Fr, 27.10.17: Leszek Skrzypczak (Poznan), "Radial and block-radial subspaces of Sobolev and Besov spaces: regularity, decay and compactness."
    • Fr, 03.11.17: Helena Goncalves (Chemnitz), "The embeddings of Jawerth and Franke for Besov and Triebel-Lizorkin spaces with variable exponents."
    • Fr, 24.11.17: David Krieg (Jena), "Randomized Algorithms for L_2-Approximation."
    • Fr, 01.12.17: Vasyl Melnyk (Chernivtsi, Ukraine/Jena), "Development of Hahn's theorem on the intermediate function."
    • Fr, 08.12.17: Luboš Pick (Prague), "Traces of Sobolev functions in a subcritical case."
    • Fr, 08.12.17: Zdenek Mihula (Prague), "On compactness of Sobolev traces."
    • Fr, 08.12.17: Martin Křepela (Freiburg), "Stokes, Korn, Muckenhoupt: an unusual alliance."
    • Fr, 08.12.17: Aleš Nekvinda (Prague), "Characterization of  $W^k_0(X(\Omega))$ via the distance function"
    • Do, 14.12.17: Veniamin Krotov (Minsk), "Criteria for compactness in Lebesgue spaces."
    • Do, 14.12.17: Yauhen Radyna (Minsk), "Pseudodifferential operators on metric measure spaces."
    • Do, 14.12.17: Sergey Bondarev (Minsk), "Fine properties of functions from Sobolev spaces."
    • Fr, 15.12.17: Reinhard Farwig (Darmstadt), "The quasi-geostrophic equations with fractional dissipation in $\mathbb{R}^2$: existence of the global attractor."
    • Fr, 12.01.18: Yurii Kolomoitsev (Lübeck), "Approximation by multivariate Kantorovich-Kotelnikov sampling operators."
    • Fr, 19.01.18: Wen Yuan (Beijing), "The $L^p$ Robin problem for Laplace equations in Lipschitz and (semi-)convex domains"
    • Fr, 19.01.18: Suqing Wu (Beijing), "Boundedness of Certain Commutators over Non-homogeneous Metric Measure Spaces"
    • Fr, 19.01.18: Jun Liu (Beijing), "Littlewood-Paley Characterizations of Hajlasz-Sobolev and Triebel-Lizorkin Spaces via Averages on Balls."
    • Fr, 26.01.18: Zhonghua He (Guangdong Univ. Guangzhou), "Composition operators on Hardy-Sobolev spaces." 
    • Fr, 02.02.18: Kristóf Szarvas (Budapest), "Variable exponent Lebesgue spaces and applications in Fourier analysis."
    • Fr, 09.02.18: Cornelia Schneider (Erlangen-Nürnberg), "Besov Regularity of parabolic and hyperbolic PDEs"
  • summer term 2017
    • Fr, 21.04.17Hans Triebel (Jena), "Spaces with dominating mixed smoothness on domains, II"
    • Fr, 05.05.17: Elmar Schrohe (Hannover), "Elliptic Operators Associated with Groups of Quantized Canonical Transformations"
    • Fr, 12.05.17: Erich Novak (Jena), "Reproducing Kernels of Sobolev Spaces and Applications"
    • Fr, 19.05.17: Thomas Kühn (Leipzig), "Nuclearity of Besov embeddings"
    • Do, 01.06.17: Franka Baaske (Jena), Verteidigung der Dissertation
    • Fr, 23.06.17: David Krieg (Jena), "On the approximation of tensor product operators"
    • Fr, 23.06.17: Robert Kunsch (Jena), "Uniform Approximation in Unweighted Periodic Korobov Spaces: Breaking the Curse with Monte Carlo Methods"
    • Fr, 30.06.17: Gurgen Dallakyan (Yerevan), "Interpolation and trace problems of Sobolev spaces with polyhedral anisotropy on bounded domains"
    • Di, 05.09.17: Alexandre Almeida (Aveiro), "Approximation in generalized Morrey spaces"
  • winter term 2016/17
    • Do, 20.10.16: Philipp Skandera (Jena), Verteidigung der Dissertation
    • Do, 27.10.16: Aapo Kauranen (Jyväskylä/Prague), "Sobolev spaces and Lusin's condition (N) on hyperplanes."
    • Fr, 11.11.16: Hans Triebel (Jena), "Spaces with dominating mixed smoothness on domains"
    • Fr, 18.11.16: Henning Kempka (Chemnitz), "Intrinsic characterizations and the extension operator in function spaces with variable exponents"
    • Fr, 25.11.16: Robert Denk (Konstanz), "Pseudodifferential operators and maximal L^p-regularity"
    • Fr, 02.12.16: Martin Křepela (Prague), "Embeddings and duals of Copson-Lorentz spaces"
    • Fr, 02.12.16: Zdenek Mihula (Prague), "Optimality of function spaces for classical integral operators"
    • Fr, 02.12.16: Jan Vybíral (Prague), "Entropy numbers of Schatten classes"
    • Fr, 02.12.16Vít Musil (Prague), "Optimal Orlicz domain spaces in Sobolev-type embeddings"
    • Fr, 09.12.16: Veniamin Krotov (Minsk), "New compactness criterion in the spaces of measurable functions"
    • Fr, 09.12.16Yauheni Radyna (Minsk), "Pseudo-differential operators in function spaces over metric measure spaces"
    • Fr, 09.12.16: Sergey Bondarev (Minsk), "Lebesgue points for Sobolev functions in limiting case"
    • Fr, 06.01.17: Iaroslava Korenovska (Kiev), "Transformation of compacts by a random operator"
    • Fr, 13.01.17Nguyen Van Kien (Jena), "Pointwise multipliers for Besov spaces"
    • Fr, 27.01.17Athanasios G. Georgiadis (Aalborg), "Spaces of distributions associated with operators"
    • Fr, 03.02.17: Nguyen Van Kien (Jena), Verteidigung der Dissertation
    • Fr, 03.02.17:  Tino Ullrich (Bonn), "Entropy and Gelfand numbers of Besov space embeddings with small mixed smoothness via block-sparse signal recovery"
    • Mi, 08.02.17: Cornelia Schneider (Erlangen), "Morrey spaces on domains: Different approaches and growth envelopes"
    • Mi, 22.2.17: Alessandro Palmieri (Bari, Freiberg), "Fractional chain rule and application to a non-linear PDE"
  • summer term 2016
    • Fr, 08.04.16: Hans Triebel (Jena), "Logarithmic Besov spaces"
    • Fr, 22.04.16: Jan Vybiral (Prague), "Carl's inequality for quasi-Banach spaces"
    • Fr, 29.04.16: Hans-Jürgen Schmeisser (Jena), "Besov spaces of generalized smoothness and summability of Fourier series"
    • Mi, 25.05.16: Nurlan Temirgaliyev (Astana), "Approximate Differentiation of Functions by Numerical Information Obtained From All Possible Linear Functionals in the Context of Computational (numerical) Diameters"
    • Fr, 27.05.16: Dorothee D. Haroske (Jena), "Function spaces on $h$-sets: traces, envelopes, embeddings"
    • Fr, 03.06.16: Thomas Kühn (Leipzig), "Optimal approximation of multivariate periodic functions"
    • Fr, 03.06.16: Therese Mieth (Jena), Verteidigung der Dissertation
    • Fr, 17.06.16: Leszek Skrzypczak (Poznan), "Some embeddings of Morrey-type spaces"
    • Fr, 24.06.16: David E. Edmunds (Sussex), "Sobolev spaces and the distance function"
  • winter term 2015/16
    • Do, 15.10.15: Yurii Kolomoitsev (Kiev), "Sharp Ulyanov inequalities in the spaces Lp, p>0"
    • Fr, 23.10.15: Óscar Domínguez (Madrid), "Logarithmic Besov spaces"
    • Fr, 30.10.15: Sergey Tikhonov (Barcelona), "Weighted Polynomial Inequalities"
    • Fr, 06.11.15: Sergey Artamonov (Sevastopol),  Promotionsverteidigung "Approximation by trigonometric polynomials and bandlimited functions and generalized moduli of smoothness"
    • Fr, 13.11.15: Hans Triebel (Jena), "PDE models for chemotaxis in supercritical function spaces"
    • Fr, 20.11.15: Yerlan Nursultanov (Astana), "Function Net Spaces and their properties"
    • Fr, 27.11.15: Lenka Slavíková (Prague), "On the necessity of bump conditions for the two-weighted maximal inequality."
    • Fr, 27.11.15: Rastislav Ol'hava (Prague), "Hardy-type operators involving suprema (motivation, properties and boundedness)."
    • Fr, 27.11.15: Amiran Gogatishvili (Prague), "Characterizations of Sobolev, Besov and Triebel-Lizorkin Spaces via averages on balls."
    • Fr, 27.11.15: Martin Křepela (Prague), "Embeddings of classical Lorentz spaces involving weighted integral means."
    • Do, 03.12.15: Veniamin Krotov (Minsk), "Lebesgue points for Sobolev functions on metric measure spaces. Hausdorff measures."
    • Do, 03.12.15: Sergey Bondarev (Minsk), "Lebesgue points and Lusin approximation for Sobolev functions on metric measure spaces. Capacities."
    • Do, 03.12.15: Yauheni Radyna  (Minsk), "Averaging functions at different scales on metric measure spaces."
    • Fr, 04.12.15: Tino Ullrich (Bonn), "Change of variable in spaces of mixed smoothness and numerical integration on the unit cube."
    • Fr, 04.12.15: Sergey Tikhonov (Barcelona), "Weighted inequalities for Fourier transforms."
    • Fr, 11.12.15: Maximilian Reich (Freiberg), "Non-analytic Superposition Results on Modulation Spaces with Subexponential Weights."
    • Fr, 11.12.15: Zhuldyz Baituyakova (Astana), "Strong summability of Fourier series and Morrey spaces  II."
    • Fr, 18.12.15: Shinya Moritoh (Nara), "A limiting case of the Arino-Muckenhoupt inequality."
    • Fr, 18.12.15: Óscar Domínguez (Madrid), "Limiting embeddings of  Besov spaces."
    • Fr, 08.01.16: Franka Baaske (Jena), "Generalized heat equations in supercritical function spaces."
    • Fr, 15.01.16: Alberto Debernardi Pinos (Barcelona), "Uniform convergence of Fourier transform."
    • Fr, 29.01.16: Nguyen Van Kien (Jena), "Isotropic and Dominating Mixed Triebel - Lizorkin Spaces - a Comparison."
  • summer term 2015
    • Fr, 17.04.15: Prof. Alberto Fiorenza (Napoli), "Rearranging exponents of Lebesgue spaces."
    • Fr, 24.04.15: Prof. Hans Triebel (Jena). "Tempered homogeneous function spaces, II."
    • Fr, 08.05.15: Prof. Susana Moura (Coimbra), "On Envelopes of Smoothness Morrey Spaces."
    • Fr, 15.05.15: Nguyen Van Kien (Jena), "Isotropic and Dominating Mixed Besov Spaces - a Comparison."
    • Fr, 22.05.15: Prof. Hans Triebel(Jena), "empered homogeneous function spaces, III." 
    • Fr, 29.05.15: Therese Mieth (Jena), "Approximation numbers of weighted Sobolev spaces via bracketing."
    • Fr, 19.06.15: Prof. António Caetano (Aveiro), "Compactness in quasi-Banach function spaces."
    • Fr, 26.06.15: Prof. Andreas Seeger (Wisconsin), "The Haar system as unconditional basis in Triebel-Lizorkin spaces."
    • Fr, 03.07.15: Dr. Marcel Rosenthal (Jena), "Extrapolation techniques in weighted Morrey spaces."
    • Fr, 17.07.15: Prof. Hans-Gerd Leopold (Jena), "Compactness of embeddings of function spaces on quasi-bounded domains and the distribution of eigenvalues of related elliptic operators."
    • Di, 28.07.15: Prof. Jan Lang (Columbus, Ohio), "The $s$-numbers, Eigenvalues and Generalized trigonometric functions."
  • winter term 2014/15
    • Mo, 27.10.14, Alba Segurado López (Madrid/Jena), "On logarithmic interpolation of compact operators."
    • Fr, 07.11.14, Dr. Douadi Drihem (M'sila), "Besov-type spaces with variable smoothness and integrability."
    • Fr, 14.11.14, Dr. Tino Ullrich (Bonn), "New results on Haar bases in Sobolev-Triebel-Lizorkin spaces."
    • Fr, 28.11.14, Nguyen Van Kien (Jena), "Weyl numbers of embeddings of Besov spaces with dominating mixed smoothness."
    • Fr, 05.12.14, Mgr. Lenka Slavíková (Prague), "Lebesgue point property of rearrangement-invariant spaces"
    • Fr, 05.12.14, Mgr. Martin Krepela (Prague), "Weighted bilinear inequalities"
    • Fr, 05.12.14, Mgr. Filip Soudsky (Prague), "Linearity and normability of rearrangement-invariant spaces"
    • Mo, 08.12.14, Helena Goncalves (Chemnitz), "On trace spaces of 2-microlocal type spaces."
    • Fr, 19.12.14, Prof. Veniamin Krotov (Minsk), "Sobolev classes $W^p_{\alpha}$ for $p>0$ on metric measure spaces."
    • Fr, 19.12.14, Prof. Yauheni Radyna (Minsk), "Scales of functional spaces over metric spaces with doubling condition."
    • Fr, 19.12.14, Dr. Andrey Porabkovich (Minsk), "Selfimproving of $L^p$-Poincare inequality for $p>0$."
    • Fr, 16.01.15, Dr. Mario Ullrich (Jena), "Numerical integration of functions with mixed smoothness."
    • Fr, 16.01.15, Dr. Benjamin Scharf (München), "New embedding results for Kondratiev spaces."
    • Fr, 30.01.15, Prof. Hans Triebel (Jena), "Tempered homogeneous function spaces."
    • Fr, 06.02.15, Dr. Cornelia Schneider (Erlangen), "A generalization of Kolmogorov's continuity theorem for stochastic processes via limiting embeddings."
  • summer term 2014
    • Fr, 11.4.14, Prof. Hans Triebel (Jena), "Navier-Stokes equations and Haar wavelets."
    • Fr, 25.4.14, Prof. Hans Triebel (Jena), "Global solutions of Navier-Stokes equations for large initial data belonging to spaces with dominating mixed smoothness."
    • Fr, 25.4.14, M.Sc. Óscar Domínguez (Madrid), "Embeddings of Besov spaces of smoothness close to zero."
    • Fr, 9.5.14, Dipl.-Math. Sergey Artamonov (Sevastopol), "Quality of approximation by trigonometric polynomials and band limited functions in terms of generalized moduli of smoothness."
    • Fr, 9.5.14, Dr. Alexander A. Slepyshev (Sevastopol), "Applications of PDE's to the problems of fluid geographical dynamics."
    • Fr, 16.5.14, Prof. Thomas Kühn (Leipzig), "Approximation of d-variate Sobolev functions in the sup-norm."
    • Mo, 19.5.14, Prof. Stephan Dahlke (Marburg), "The continuous shearlet transform in arbitrary space dimensions: General setting, shearlet coorbit spaces, traces, and embeddings."
    • Fr, 23.5.14, Dr. Markus Hansen (München), "Regularity of elliptic PDEs and convergence rates of adaptive algorithms."
    • Fr, 20.6.14, Prof. Leszek Skrzypczak (Poznan), "Cocompact embeddings and a geometric criterion for compactness of invariant subspaces."
    • Fr, 27.6.14, Dr. Benjamin Scharf (München), "Besov regularity of solutions of the p-Laplace equation."
    • Fr, 4.7.14, Dr. Ruben Seyfried (München), "Summability Methods for the inversion of the Spherical Mean Operator."
    • Fr, 11.7.14, Prof. Dorothee Haroske (Jena), "Limiting embeddings in smoothness Morrey spaces, and applications."
  • winter term 2013/14
    • Fr, 18.10.13, Prof. Hans Triebel (Jena), "Morrey spaces, their duals and preduals."                                       
    • Di, 22.10.13, M.Sc. Alba Segurado Lopéz(Madrid), "Limiting real interpolation methods."
    • Fr, 08.11.13, Dipl.-Math. Franka Baaske (Jena), "On the existence and the uniqueness of solutions of a non-linear heat equation in Besov and Triebel-Lizorkin spaces."
    • Fr, 15.11.13, Dr. Wen Yuan (Beijing/Jena), "Embeddings for Besov-type spaces."
    • Do, 21.11.13, Dr. Sergey Tikhonov (Barcelona), "Sharp inequalities for moduli of smoothness in various metrics."
    • Fr, 29.11.13, Prof. Hans-Jürgen Schmeißer (Jena), "Generalized moduli of smoothness and trigonometric approximation."
    • Fr, 6.12.13, M.Sc. Nadia Clavero (Barcelona), "Mixed norm spaces and Sobolev embeddings."
    • Mo, 16.12.13, Prof. Veniamin Krotov (Minsk), "Estimates for $L^p$-oscillation of functions for $p > 0$."
    • Mo, 16.12.13, Prof. Yauheni Radyna (Minsk), "Equivalent definitions of Sobolev spaces on local fields."
    • Mo, 16.12.13, M.Sc. Andrei Parabkovich (Minsk), "Generalizations of theorems of Spanne and Campanato-Meyres on metric measure spaces."
    • Fr, 10.01.14, Dr. Wen Yuan (Beijing/Jena), "Fourier Multipliers on Weighted Vector-Valued Lebesgue Spaces."
    • Fr, 17.01.14, Dipl.-Math. Therese Mieth (Jena), "Asymptotics of entropy and approximation numbers via spectral theory."
    • Fr, 24.01.14, Prof. Susana Moura (Coimbra), "Traces on hyperplanes of 2-microlocal Besov and Triebel-Lizorkin spaces."
    • Fr, 24.01.14, Dr. Liguang Liu(Beijing/Bielefeld), "A characterization of the Gaussian Lipschitz space and sharp estimates for the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Poisson kernel."
    • Do, 30.01.14, Dr. Sergey Minkin (Sevastopol), "Applications of differential equations to some problems of optimal control theory."
    • Do, 30.01.14, Prof. Konstantin Runovski (Sevastopol), "On quality of approximation by Fourier means via general smoothness moduli."
    • Fr, 31.1.14, Dipl.-Math. Sebastian Mayer (Bonn), "Entropy and sampling numbers of classes of ridge functions."
    • Fr, 31.1.14, M.Sc. Glenn Byrenheid (Bonn), "Sampling numbers of $H^{\alpha}_{mix}(\mathbb{T}^d)$ in $H^{\gamma}(\mathbb{T}^d)$"
    • Do, 13.2.14, Galiya Erbolovna Taugynbayeva (Astana), "How to use Lagrange interpolation polynomials in computational practice?"
  • summer term 2013
    • Fr, 12.04.13, Bogdan Bojarski (Warsaw), "Sobolev spaces and averaging."
    • Fr, 12.04.13, Marin Lind (Karlstad), "Functions of generalized bounded variation"
    • Do, 18.04.13, Sabrina Munch Hansen (Aalborg), "On Mixed-Norm Lizorkin-Triebel Spaces."
    • Fr, 26.04.13, Hans Triebel (Jena), "Numerical integration in function spaces."
    • Fr, 17.05.13, Vagif Guliyev (Kirsehir), "Recent progress in studying the boundedness of classical operators of real analysis in some Morrey-type spaces. The case Lorentz-Morrey, Orlicz-Morrey and variable exponent Morrey spaces."
    • Fr, 17.05.13, Ali Akbulut (Kirsehir), "Boundedness of maximal and singular integral operators in generalized Morrey spaces."
    • Fr, 24.05.13, Marcel Rosenthal (Jena), "Duality with respect to Morrey spaces."
    • Fr, 31.05.13, Philipp Skandera (Jena), "From atoms to wavelets: The $\varkappa$-connection."
    • Fr, 14.06.13, Thomas Kühn (Leipzig), "Approximation in Sobolev spaces - sharp constants and tractability."
    • Fr, 14.06.13, Gurgen Dallakyan (Yerevan), "Interpolation and trace theory of Sobolev spaces with polyhedral anisotropy in bounded domains."
    • Fr, 21.06.13, Leszek Skrzypczak (Poznan), "Embeddings of smoothness Morrey spaces."
    • Fr, 28.06.13, Christian Richter (Jena), "Borsuk's problem."
    • Fr, 05.07.13, Christian Jäh (Freiberg), "Uniqueness and non-uniqueness in the Cauchy problem for elliptic and backward-parabolic operators."
    • Fr, 05.07.13 ,Ales Nekvinda (Prague), "Monotone metric spaces."
    • Mi, 10.07.13, Alexander A. Slepyshev (Sevastopol), "Applications of PDE's to hydronamical wave problems."
    • Mi, 10.07.13, Konstantin Runovski (Sevastopol), "General modulus of smoothness and Jackson-type estimates."
    • Fr, 12.07.13, Wen Yuan (Beijing/Karlsruhe), "Boundedness of quasiconformal composition operators on Triebel-Lizorkin-type spaces."
    • Fr, 12.07.13, Liguang Liu (Beijing/Bielefeld), "Besov-type and Triebel-Lizorkin-type spaces generated by heat kernels."
  • winter term 2012/13


    • 19. Oktober 2012, Simona Fornaro (Pavia), "Harnack estimates for a class of doubly nonlinear degenerate/singular parabolic equations
    • 26. Oktober 2012, Henning Kempka (Jena), "Lorentz spaces with variable exponents ."
      Dienstag, 6. November 2012, Leszek Skrzypczak (Poznań), "On embeddings of Besov-Morrey spaces on bounded domains."
    • 16. November 2012, Wen Yuan (Beijing/Jena), "Complex interpolation on Besov-type and Triebel-Lizorkin-type spaces."
    • 23. November 2012, Lenka Slavíková (Prague), "Compactness of higher-order Sobolev embeddings."
    • 23. November 2012, Filip Soudsky (Prague), "Normability of classical Lorentz spaces - an alternative approach."
    • 23. November 2012, 14.45 Uhr, Luboš Pick (Prague), "Marcinkiewicz interpolation theorems for Orlicz and Lorentz gamma spaces."
    • 30. November 2012, Ryo Takada (Kyoto/Bonn), "Dispersive estimates for the Navier-Stokes equations with the Coriolis force."
    • 30. November 2012, Yohei Tsutsui (Waseda/Bonn), "An application of weighted Hardy spaces to the Navier-Stokes equations."
    • Mittwoch, 12. Dezember 2012, Andrei Lebedev (Minsk), "Reversing of irreversible dynamics: C∗-method and fractals."
    • Mittwoch, 12. Dezember 2012, Victor Bakhtin (Minsk), "The McMillan theorem for colored branching processes and dimensions of random fractals."
    • 14. Dezember 2012, Veniamin Krotov (Minsk), "Bessel potentials and Lebesgue points."
    • 14. Dezember 2012, Maryia Kabanava (Bonn), "Recovery of cosparse signals."
    • 11. Januar 2013, Markus Hansen (Zürich), "Besov regularity of elliptic and parametric PDEs on domains with polyhedral structure."
    • 18. Januar 2013, Hans-Gerd Leopold (Jena), "On generalized Besov and Triebel-Lizorkin spaces of regular distributions."
    • 25. Januar 2013, Hans Triebel (Jena), "Function spaces of smoothness near zero."
    • 1. Februar 2013, Wen Yuan (Beijing/Jena), "Interpolations of Besov-Triebel-Lizorkin type spaces and applications to Haar wavelet characterizations."
    • 8. Februar 2013, Cornelia Schneider (Erlangen), "Sobolev spaces on Riemannian manifolds with bounded geometry."
    • Dienstag, 12. März 2013, António Caetano (Aveiro), "Growth envelopes for Besov spaces on h-sets: a (almost) nontechnical presentation."
    • Dienstag, 12. März 2013, António Caetano (Aveiro), "New proofs of old results (in the Theory of Function Spaces).
  • summer term 2012
    • Donnerstag, 12. April 2012, SR 3517, EAP 2  
      13.00 Uhr   Igor V. Orlov   (Simferopol)
      "Non-convex variational problems in the scale of Sobolev spaces." 14.30 Uhr   Alexander A. Slepyshev   (Sevastopol)
      "Some problems of hydrophysics and related systems of non-linear differential equations." 15.00 Uhr   Igor V. Orlov / Konstantin Runovski   (Simferopol)
      "Smoothness, oscillations and related problems of analysis and physics."
    • 20. April 2012  
      12.30 Uhr   Alicja Gąsiorowska   (Poznań)
      "$s$-numbers of compact embeddings of Besov spaces on quasi-bounded domains." 13.30 Uhr   Agnieszka Wojciechowska   (Poznań)
      "Haar wavelets in Triebel-Lizorkin spaces with local Muckenhoupt weights."
    • 27. April 2012  
      Hans Triebel   (Jena)
      "Morreyfied function spaces."
    • 4. Mai 2012  
      Hans Triebel   (Jena)
      "Navier-Stokes equations, Fourier multipliers and multiplication algebras."
    • 11. Mai 2012  
      Andrii Mironchenko   (Bremen)
      "Input-to-state stability of infinite-dimensional systems."
    • 1. Juni 2012  
      12.30 Uhr   Sergey Artamonov   (Sevastopol)
      "Approximation by band-limited functions and generalized module of smoothness." 13.15 Uhr   Alexander Vints / Konstantin Runovski   (Simferopol)
      "Approximation by families of linear spline operators and numerical integration."
    • 8. Juni 2012  
      12.30 Uhr   Therese Mieth   (Jena)
      "Traces of Muckenhoupt weighted function spaces in case of distant singularities." 13.30 Uhr   Benjamin Scharf   (Jena)
      "Wavelets for reinforced function spaces on cellular domains."
    • 15. Juni 2012  
      14.00 Uhr   Jan Schneider   (Leipzig)
      "Cross Approximation and Tensor Decomposition."
    • 29. Juni 2012  
      12.30 Uhr   Lars Diening   (München)
      "Solenoidal Lipschitz truncation." 14.15 Uhr   Jan Vybíral   (Berlin)
      "Lorentz spaces of variable integrability."
    • 6. Juli 2012  
      Thomas Kühn   (Leipzig)
      "Covering numbers in Gaussian reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces."
    • Donnerstag, 19. Juli 2012  
      12.30 Uhr   Marcel Rosenthal   (Jena),   SR 125, CZ 3
      "Wavelet bases and wavelet isomorphisms in Besov-Triebel-Lizorkin-type spaces and Besov- Triebel-Lizorkin-Hausdorff spaces." 14.15 Uhr   Philipp Skandera   (Jena),   SR 120, CZ 3
      "Embeddings on doubling weighted Besov spaces."
  • winter term 2011/12
    • 21. Oktober 2011  
      12.30 Uhr   Sergey Artamonov   (Sevastopol)
      "Moduli of smoothness and approximation by band-limited functions." 13.10 Uhr   Konstantin Runovski   (Simferopol)
      "General moduli of smoothness and trigonometric approximation."
    • 28. Oktober 2011  
      Miroslav Krbec   (Prague)
      "The heat kernel and initial boundary data from Orlicz-Slobodetskii space."
    • 4. November 2011  
      kein Seminar (Tag der FakultätExternal link)
    • 11. November 2011  
      Hans Triebel   (Jena)
      "Function Spaces: Past, Present, Future. A personal view."
    • Donnerstag, 17. November 2011, SR 3319, EAP 2  
      16.15 Uhr   Veniamin G. Krotov   (Minsk)
      "On divergence of Steklov means of Sobolev functions." 17.00 Uhr   Irina N. Katkovskaya   (Minsk)
      "Estimates of $\varphi$-approximation functions of several variables with step functions."
    • 9. Dezember 2011  
      12.30 Uhr   Dachun Yang   (Beijing)
      "Theory of Hardy Spaces." 14.00 Uhr   Sibei Yang   (Beijing)
      "Orlicz-Hardy Spaces on Domains and Their Applications." 14.30 Uhr   Yiyu Liang   (Beijing)
      "New Characterizations of Besov-Triebel-Lizorkin- Hausdorff Spaces Including Coorbits and Wavelets."
    • 16. Dezember 2011  
      12.30 Uhr   Vagif Guliev   (Kirsehir)
      "Recent progress in studying boundedness of classical operators and commutators of real analysis in general Morrey-type spaces. Some applications." 14.00 Uhr   Ruben Seyfried   (München)
      "Reconstruction from spherical mean data."
    • 6. Januar 2012  
      12.30 Uhr   Wen Yuan   (Beijing)
      "New Characterizations of Triebel-Lizorkin Spaces." 13.30 Uhr   Jun Cao   (Beijing)
      "Boundedness of Generalized Riesz Transforms on Orlicz-Hardy Spaces Associated to Operators."
    • 13. Januar 2012  
      Tino Ullrich   (Bonn)
      "Kolmogorov n-widths for high-dimensional sparse approximations."
    • 20. Januar 2012  
      Cornelia Schneider   (Erlangen)
      "Non-smooth atomic decompositions in function spaces and applications."
    • 27. Januar 2012  
      Franka Baaske   (Freiberg)
      "Inverse scattering for the Dirac operator."
    • 3. Februar 2012  
      Martin Schäfer   (Bonn)
      ''Generalized Coorbit Space Theory for quasi-Banach Spaces.''
    • Dienstag, 21. Februar 2012,   SR 3517, EAP 2
      15.00 Uhr   Gérard Bourdaud   (Paris)
      "The Fatou property in homogeneous Besov spaces."
    • Mittwoch, 14. März 2012,   SR 3517, EAP 2
      15.00 Uhr   António Caetano   (Aveiro)
      "Hausdorff dimension of functions on d-sets."
  • summer term 2011
    • 8. April 2011  
      Hans Triebel   (Jena)
      "Local function spaces."
    • Mittwoch, 13. April 2011, SR 309, CZ 3  
      16.30 Uhr   Igor V. Orlov   (Simferopol)
      "Variational problems in the scale of Sobolev spaces."
    • Donnerstag, 14. April 2011, SR 309, CZ 3  
      14.15 Uhr   Andrei A. Shkalikov   (Moscow)
      "On non-self-adjoint perturbations of self-adjoint or normal operators." 15.15 Uhr   Gennadiy A. Kalyabin   (Moscow)
      "On sharp constants in $L_p(d\mu)$ estimates for functions in Sobolev spaces $\stackrel{\circ\ }{W_{2}^n}(-1,1)$."
    • Mittwoch, 27. April 2011, SR 308, CZ 3  
      16.15 Uhr   Victor Burenkov   (Astana)
      "Hardy-type inequality for $0< p< 1$ and hypodecreasing functions."
    • 29. April 2011  
      12.30 Uhr   Thomas Kühn   (Leipzig)
      "Weyl numbers and eigenvalues of integral operators and geometry of Banach function spaces." 14.30 Uhr   Markus Hansen   (Zürich)
      "Parametric semi-linear elliptic PDE."
    • 6. Mai 2011  
      Hans Triebel   (Jena)
      "Local function spaces, II."
    • Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2011, SR 129, CZ 3  
      16.15 Uhr   Henning Kempka   (Jena)
      "On Besov spaces with variable smoothness and integrability."
    • 27. Mai 2011  
      Benjamin Scharf   (Jena)
      "Pointwise multipliers and diffeomorphisms in function spaces."
    • 10. Juni 2011  
      Yohei Tsutsui   (Osaka / Jena)
      "The sharp Ap constant between BMO and BMO(w)."
    • 17. Juni 2011  
      Leszek Skrzypczak   (Poznań)
      "About embeddings of Besov-Morrey spaces."
    • 24. Juni 2011  
      Hans Triebel   (Jena)
      "Local function spaces, III."
    • 1. Juli 2011  
      Alexander G. Ramm   ( Kansas/Leipzig )
      "Acoustic and electromagnetic wave scattering by many small particles and creating materials with desired refraction coefficient."
  • winter term 2010/11
    • 22. Oktober 2010  
      12.30 Uhr   Hidemitsu Wadade   (Taiwan Nat. Univ.)
      "On the Gagliardo-Nirenberg type inequalities in various function spaces." 14.30 Uhr   Gennadiy A. Kalyabin   (Moscow)
      "On Sharp Poincaré Type Inequalities for Sobolev Spaces on Segment."
    • 29. Oktober 2010  
      Hans Triebel   (Jena)
      "Sobolev-Besov spaces of measurable functions."
    • 5. November 2010  
      Mikhail Gol'dman   (Moscow)
      "Criteria of boundedness for the maximal operator from Lebesgue to local Morrey spaces."
    • 12. November 2010  
      Mirek Krbec   (Prague)
      "On the role of non-effective weights in some function spaces."
    • 19. November 2010  
      Jan Vybíral   (Linz)
      "The Johnson-Lindenstrauss Lemma."
    • 26. November 2010  
      12.30 Uhr   Lukáš Malý   (Prague)
      "Newtonian Spaces." 13.45 Uhr   Eva Pernecká   (Prague)
      "Compactness of Hardy-type operators involving suprema." 15.00 Uhr   Luboš Pick   (Prague)
      "Optimality and Iteration."
    • 3. Dezember 2010  
      Cornelia Schneider   (Erlangen)
      "Spaces of generalized smoothness in the critical case."
    • Donnerstag, 16. Dezember 2010, SR 3319, EAP 2  
      14.15 Uhr   Shinya Moritoh   (Nara)
      "Function spaces and convergence of Fourier series." 15.15 Uhr   Aleš Nekvinda   (Prague)
      "Average Operator, the optimal source and target spaces."
    • 7. Januar 2011  
      Marcel Rosenthal   (Jena)
      "Wavelet characterization in Besov-Morrey and Triebel-Lizorkin-Morrey spaces."
    • 14. Januar 2011  
      12.30 Uhr   Nurlan Naurizbayev   (Astana)
      "On the quality of grids in restoration problems." 14.00 Uhr   Benjamin Scharf   (Jena)
      "Wavelet bases for function spaces on cellular domains."
    • 21. Januar 2011  
      Elmar Schrohe   (Hannover)
      "Spektralprojektionen und die Regularität der Etafunktion für Randwertprobleme."
    • 28. Januar 2011  
      12.30 Uhr   Gérard Bourdaud   (Paris)
      "Realizations of homogeneous Sobolev spaces." 14.30 Uhr   Jan Vybíral   (Linz)
      "Average best m-term approximation."
    • 4. Februar 2011  
      Philipp Skandera   (Jena)
      "Connection between Muckenhoupt weights and doubling weights."
    • 11. Februar 2011  
      12.30 Uhr   Maryia Kabanava   (Jena)
      "Characterization of Besov spaces on nested fractals by piecewise harmonic functions." 13.45 Uhr   Norbert Kleemann   (Berlin)
      "Shape derivatives for conical diffraction by non-smooth interfaces."
    • Freitag, 18. Februar 2011, SR 3517, EAP 2  
      10.00 Uhr  Yohei Tsutsui   (Osaka)
      "The Navier-Stokes equations and weak Herz spaces."
  • summer term 2010


    • 9. April 2010  
      Dorothee D. Haroske, Hans Jürgen Schmeißer   (Jena)
      "On trace spaces of function spaces with a radial weight."
    • 16. April 2010  
      Hans Triebel   (Jena)
      "Spaces with mixed integrability and their use in spectral theory."
    • 23. April 2010  
      Markus Hansen   (Jena)
      " Tensor products of Banach and Quasi-Banach spaces and Function spaces of dominating mixed smoothness."
    • 30. April 2010  
      Markus Hansen   (Jena)
      "Best m-term approximation in tensor products of Besov-Triebel-Lizorkin-type sequence spaces."
    • 7. Mai 2010  
      14.00 Uhr   Thomas Kühn   (Leipzig)
      "An application of metric entropy in probability theory." 16.00 Uhr  -->   Gauß-Vorlesung der DMVExternal link
    • 21. Mai 2010  
      Henning Kempka   (Jena)
      "Atoms and Wavelets in anisotropic function spaces."
    • 28. Mai 2010  
      kein Seminar
    • Mittwoch, 2. Juni 2010, SR 3517, EAP 2  
      16.15 Uhr   Leszek Skrzypczak   (Poznań)
      "Radial functions: traces, regularity and decay."
    • 4. Juni 2010  
      Okihiro Sawada   (z.Z. Darmstadt)
      "Navier-Stokes equations in several function spaces."
    • 18. Juni 2010  
      Hans Triebel   (Jena)
      "Entropy numbers of quadratic forms and their use in spectral theory."
    • 25. Juni 2010  
      12.30 Uhr   Diana S. Barsegyan   (Moscow)
      "About some appendices of Lieb-Thirring type inequalities in the spectral theory." 14.00 Uhr   Alexander A. Slepyshev   (Sevastopol)
      "Application of the theory of differential equations to internal waves in the presence of turbulence."
    • 2. Juli 2010  
      Konstantin Runovski   (Sevastopol)
      "Determination of gravitational wave parameters with the help of `Wave-Uncover-Operator' (quantitative detection)."
    • 9. Juli 2010  
      12.15 Uhr   Svetlana A. Budochkina   (Moscow)
      "On $B_u$-potential systems with infinite number of degrees of freedom." 13.00 Uhr   Evgeny Galakhov   (Moscow)
      "Blow-up for some nonlinear PDE." 14.30 Uhr   Victor I. Burenkov   (Cardiff)
      "Hardy operator in Morrey-type spaces."



  • winter term 2009/10
    • 23. Oktober 2009  
      12.30 Uhr   Sergey M. Chuiko   (Slavyansk)
      "Weakly linear boundary-value problem in one special critical case." 14.00 Uhr   Marcel Rosenthal   (Jena)
      "Some properties of Morrey spaces."
    • 30. Oktober 2009  
      12.30 Uhr   Alexander Chukharev   (Sevastopol)
      "Morlet Wavelets and Applications in Hydrophysics." 14.00 Uhr   Konstantin Runovski   (Slavyansk)
      "On equivalence of approximation values and various smoothness concepts."
    • 6. November 2009  
      12.30 Uhr   Stanislav O. Chaichenko   (Slavyansk)
      "The approximation on classes of locally integrable functions defined on the real axis." 15.00 Uhr   Tag der FakultätExternal link
    • 13. November 2009  
      Mirek Krbec   (Prague)
      "The dimension-free Sobolev imbeddings revisited."
    • 20. November 2009  
      12.30 Uhr  Marcin Bownik   (Oregon/Gdansk)
      "Duality of anisotropic Triebel-Lizorkin spaces." 14.30 Uhr   Henning Kempka   (Jena)
      "Wavelet characterization of function spaces of variable smoothness and integrability."
    • Mittwoch, 25. November 2009, SR 3517, EAP 2  
      16.15 Uhr   Jan Haškovec   (Linz)
      "Anisotropic Sobolev and Morrey embeddings and their application in modelling with PDEs."
    • 27. November 2009  
      12.30 Uhr   Hans Triebel   (Jena)
      "Tractable embeddings." 14.30 Uhr   Luboš Pick   (Prague)
      "Calderon-type theorem for operators of non-standard behaviour."
    • 11. Dezember 2009  
      12.30 Uhr   Veniamin Krotov   (Minsk)
      "Compactness criteria in $L^p$ spaces, $p>0$." 14.00 Uhr   Iya Ivanishko   (Minsk)
      "About compactness of Sobolev type embeddings on metric measure spaces."
    • 18. Dezember 2009  
      12.30 Uhr   Markus Weimar   (Jena)
      "Haar bases in function spaces." 14.15 Uhr   Benjamin Scharf   (Jena)
      "Local means and atoms in vector-valued function spaces."
    • 8. Januar 2010  
      Axaule Zhubanysheva   (Astana)
      "The theory and practice of realization of effective algorithms to finding the optimal coefficients on Korobov sense."
    • 15. Januar 2010  
      12.30 Uhr   Peter Arzt   (Jena)
      "Interpolation with function parameter and extrapolation." 14.15 Uhr   Philipp Skandera   (Jena)
      "Growth envelopes in Muckenhoupt weighted function spaces."
    • 22. Januar 2010  
      Jens Franke   (Bonn)
      "The analytic method for calculating $\pi(x)$."
    • 29. Januar 2010  
      Hans-Gerd Leopold   (Jena)
      "Compactness of embeddings of Besov and Triebel-Lizorkin spaces defined on quasi-bounded domains."
    • 5. Februar 2010  
      Markus Hansen   (Jena)
      "Gagliardo-Nirenberg-type inequalities and $n$-term approximation in isotropic Besov and Triebel-Lizorkin spaces."
    • 12. Februar 2010  
      Maryia Kabanava   (Jena)
      "Anisotropic spaces as isotropic spaces on fractals."
  • summer term 2009
    • 17. April 2009  
      Hans-Gerd Leopold   (Jena)
      "Entropy numbers of embeddings of some Besov spaces."
    • 24. April 2009  
      Dorothee D. Haroske   (Jena)
      "Embeddings of Muckenhoupt weighted function spaces, and applications."
    • 8. Mai 2009  
      Peter Oswald   (Bremen)
      "Nonlinear multiresolution and subdivision."
    • 15. Mai 2009  
      Thomas Kühn   (Leipzig)
      "Eigenvalues of integral operators in Banach function spaces."
    • 22. Mai 2009  
      Hans Triebel   (Jena)
      "Logarithmic function spaces."
    • 29. Mai 2009  
      14.15 Uhr   Michael Lacey   (Georgia Institute of Technology)
      "Small Ball Inequality in dimensions 3 and higher."
    • 5. Juni 2009  
      kein Seminar !   -->   Spring School PasekyExternal link

    • 12. Juni 2009  
      14.15 Uhr   Werner Linde   (Jena)
      "Lokale Unbestimmtheit stochastischer Prozesse und untere Entropieabschätzungen."
    • 19. Juni 2009  
      Aicke Hinrichs   (Jena)
      "Gelfand numbers and metric entropy of convex hulls with applications to integral operators."
    • 26. Juni 2009  
      Alexander A. Slepyshev   (Sevastopol)
      "Application of the theory of differential equations and spectral analysis to the study of trapped topographic waves."External link
    • 3. Juli 2009  
      Gérard Bourdaud   (Paris)
      "Superposition in homogeneous and vector-valued Sobolev spaces."
    • 10. Juli 2009  
      Okihiro Sawada   (z.Z. Darmstadt)
      "Recent topics on the Navier-Stokes equations in Besov spaces." -->   muss wegen Erkrankung des Referenten verschoben werden   <--
    • 17. Juli 2009  
      Tino Ullrich   (Bonn)
      "Coorbit space theory and applications."
  • winter term 2008/09
    • 31. Oktober 2008  
      kein Seminar ! (Reformationstag)
    • 7. November 2008  
      12.15 Uhr   Agnieszka Wojciechowska   (Poznań)
      "On wavelet characterizations of Besov spaces with local Muckenhoupt weights." 13.15 Uhr   Jan Vybíral   (Jena)
      "On sharp embeddings of Besov and Triebel-Lizorkin spaces in the subcritical case."
      14.30 Uhr   --> Tag der FakultätExternal link
    • 14. November 2008  
      12.30 Uhr   Markus Hansen   (Jena)
      "Nichtlineare Approximation und Funktionenräume."
    • 21. November 2008  
      12.30 Uhr   Hans Triebel   (Jena)
      "Bases in function spaces I: Haar bases" 14.30 Uhr   Jan Schneider   (Leipzig)
      "Error estimates for the two-dimensional Cross Approximation."
    • 28. November 2008  
      12.30 Uhr   Hans Triebel   (Jena)
      "Bases in function spaces II: Faber bases" 14.30 Uhr   Mirek Krbec   (Prague)
      "On dimension-free imbeddings."
    • 5. Dezember 2008  
      12.30 Uhr   Veniamin Krotov   (Minsk)
      "Boundary behaviour of convolutions with square root from Poisson kernel" 14.00 Uhr   E.I. Ignatieva   (Minsk)
      "The Fatou property for Poisson integrals of regular functions"
    • 12. Dezember 2008  
      12.30 Uhr   A. Timofeev   (Syktyvkar)
      "Die verallgemeinerten Cauchy-Riemann-Gleichungen mit singulären Koeffizienten: Existenz und Eindeutigkeit der Lösung. Funktionenräume und angrenzende Fragen" 14.00 Uhr   Mieczysław Mastyło   (Poznań)
      "Operators and p-absolutely summing multipliers on abstract Hardy spaces."
    • Mittwoch, 17. Dezember 2008, SR 3521, EAP 2  
      16.00 Uhr   Bohumír Opic   (Prague)
      "Continuous and compact embeddings of Bessel potential type spaces into generalized Hölder spaces involving the k-modulus of smoothness." 17.00 Uhr   Petr Honzik   (Prague)
      "Homogeneous Calderon-Zygmund singular integrals with rough kernels."
    • 9. Januar 2009  
      12.30 Uhr   Hans Triebel   (Jena)
      "Sampling numbers in function spaces."
    • 16. Januar 2009  
      12.30 Uhr   Hans Triebel   (Jena)
      "Numerical integration and discrepancy."
    • 23. Januar 2009  
      12.30 Uhr   Henning Kempka   (Jena)
      "Function spaces of variable smoothness and integrability." 14.00 Uhr   Jan Vybíral   (Jena)
      "Sobolev and Jawerth embeddings for spaces with variable smoothness and integrability."
    • 30. Januar 2009  
      12.30 Uhr   Laurent Demaret   (München)
      "Image Approximation and Adaptive Geometric Methods."
    • 6. Februar 2009  
      12.30 Uhr   Maryia Kabanava   (Jena)
      "Besov spaces on the Koch curve."
    • 13. Februar 2009  
      12.30 Uhr   Cornelia Schneider   (Leipzig)
      "Trace operators in Besov and Triebel-Lizorkin spaces."
  • summer term 2008
    • 18. April 2008  
      14.00 Uhr   Walter Trebels   (Darmstadt)
      "K-functionals and semigroups of linear operators."
    • 9. Mai 2008  
      12.30 Uhr   Hans Triebel   (Jena)
      Minicourse External link"Function spaces and wavelets" 14.00 Uhr   Konstantin Runovski   (Kiev)
      "On quality of approximation by families of generalized sampling series."
    • 16. Mai 2008  
      12.30 Uhr   Hans Triebel   (Jena)
      Minicourse External link"Function spaces and wavelets" 14.00 Uhr   Bernd Carl   (Jena)
      "s-Zahlen und Eigenwerte"
    • 23. Mai 2008  
      12.30 Uhr   Hans Triebel   (Jena)
      Minicourse External link"Function spaces and wavelets" 14.00 Uhr   Axaule Zhubanysheva   (Astana)
      "Application of the theory of divisors to the construction of tables of optimal coefficients."
    • 30. Mai 2008  
      12.30 Uhr   Hans Triebel   (Jena)
      Minicourse External link"Function spaces and wavelets" 14.00 Uhr   Cornelia Schneider   (Leipzig)
      "On Dilation Operators in Besov Spaces."
    • 6. Juni 2008  
      12.30 Uhr   Hans Triebel   (Jena)
      Minicourse External link"Function spaces and wavelets" 15.00 Uhr   -->   Ehrenpromotion Prof. Henryk Woźniakowski, Aula UHG
    • 13. Juni 2008  
      12.30 Uhr   Hans Triebel   (Jena)
      Minicourse External link"Function spaces and wavelets" 14.00 Uhr   Jussi Behrndt   (TU Berlin)
      "Spektraltheorie von Differentialoperatoren mit indefiniter Gewichtsfunktion"
    • 20. Juni 2008  
      12.30 Uhr   Hans Triebel   (Jena)
      Minicourse External link"Function spaces and wavelets"
    • Mittwoch, 25. Juni 2008, R. 3517, Ernst-Abbe-Platz 2
      16.30 Uhr   Leszek Skrzypczak  (Poznań)
      "Wavelet Frames, Sobolev Embeddings and Schrödinger Operators on Manifolds."
    • 27. Juni 2008  
      12.30 Uhr   Hans Triebel   (Jena)
      Minicourse External link"Function spaces and wavelets"
    • Dienstag, 1. Juli 2008, HS 146, UHG
      16.15 Uhr,   Henning Kempka   (Jena)
    • 4. Juli 2008  
      12.30 Uhr   Hans Triebel   (Jena)
      Minicourse External link"Function spaces and wavelets"
    • 11. Juli 2008  
      kein Seminar !     --> Workshop "Function Spaces"External link

    • 18. Juli 2008  
      12.30 Uhr   Hans Triebel   (Jena)
      Minicourse External link"Function spaces and wavelets"
  • winter term 2007/08
    • Donnerstag, 25. Oktober 2007, HS 5, Abbeanum  
      16.15 Uhr   John Hutchinson   (Canberra)
      "V-variable fractals and superfractals."
      (gemeinsames Seminar mit Prof. Zähle und Prof. Engelbert)

    • 26. Oktober 2007  
      kein Seminar !   -->   Tag der FakultätExternal link

    • 2. November 2007  
      Gérard Bourdaud  (Paris)
      "Superposition operators in vector-valued Sobolev spaces."
    • 9. November 2007  
      12.15 Uhr   Jon Johnsen  (Aalborg)
      "On type $1,1$ pseudo-differential operators defined by vanishing frequency modulation." 14.15 Uhr   Greg Adams   (Bucknell / Jena)
      "Analytic reproducing kernels, multiplication operators and factorization."External link
    • 16. November 2007  
      12.15 Uhr   Greg Adams   (Bucknell / Jena)
      "Analytic tridiagonal reproducing kernels."External link 14.00 Uhr   Jan Schneider   (Prague)
      "Sharp Embeddings of Besov Spaces into Lorentz Spaces."
    • 23. November 2007  
      12.30 Uhr   Miroslav Krbec   (Prague)
      "Muckenhoupt weights in fluid dynamics." 14.00 Uhr   Rafał Siejakowski   (Poznań)
      "The Kigami's Laplacian on p.c.f. self-similar sets and its relations with topology."
    • 30. November 2007  
      12.30 Uhr   Vladimir Rukasov   (Slavyansk Univ., Ukraine)
      "The smoothness: spaces (classes) of functions and approximation methods." 13.30 Uhr   Stanislav Chaichenko   (Slavyansk Univ., Ukraine)
      "Approximation of locally integrable on the real axis functions."
    • 7. Dezember 2007  
      12.30 Uhr   Michail L. Goldman   (Moscow)
      "Cone of rearrangements for generalized Bessel potentials."
    • 14. Dezember 2007  
      12.30 Uhr   Veniamin G. Krotov   (Minsk)
      "Tangential boundary behavior of smooth functions."External link
    • 11. Januar 2008  
      12.30 Uhr   Aicke Hinrichs   (Jena)
      "Linear Information vs. Function Evaluation for $L_2$-approximation."
    • 18. Januar 2008  
      12.30 Uhr   Franka Baaske   (Jena)
      "Growth envelope functions in Muckenhoupt weighted Lebesgue and Sobolev spaces." 14.00 Uhr   Jan Vybíral   (Jena)
      "A new proof of the Franke-Jawerth embedding."
    • 25. Januar 2008  
      12.30 Uhr   Henning Kempka   (Jena)
      "2-mikrolokale Besovräume und variierende Glattheit."
    • 1. Februar 2008  
      12.30 Uhr   Cornelia Schneider   (Leipzig)
      "Besov spaces with positive smoothness on $\mathbb{R}^n$."
    • 8. Februar 2008  
      12.30 Uhr   Maryia Kabanava   (Jena)
      "Tempered Radon Measures." 14.00 Uhr   Daniel Rudolf   (Jena)
      "Explicit Error Bounds for Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods."
    • 15. Februar 2008  
      12.30 Uhr   Markus Hansen   (Jena)
      "Besov- und Triebel-Lizorkin-Räume gemischt dominanter Glattheit. Wavelet-Charakterisierung und Einbettungen."
  • summer term 2007
    • 20. April 2007  
      Markus Hansen   (Jena)
      "Nichtlineare Approximation und Folgenräume vom Besov-Triebel-Lizorkin Typ."
    • 27. April 2007  
      Henning Kempka   (Jena)
      "Molecular and wavelet decompositions of generalize $2$-microlocal spaces."
    • 4. Mai 2007  
      12.15 Uhr   Hans Triebel   (Jena)
      "Wavelets in function spaces, I." 15.00 Uhr, HS 7, Carl-Zeiß-Straße 3  
      Tino Ullrich   (Jena)
    • 11. Mai 2007  
      Hans Triebel   (Jena)
      12.15 Uhr   "Wavelets in function spaces, II."
      14.00 Uhr   "Wavelets in function spaces, III."
    • 18. Mai 2007  
      Jan Vybíral   (Jena)
      "On dilation operators and sampling numbers."
    • 25. Mai 2007  
      12.15 Uhr   Yoshihiro Sawano   (Tokyo)
      "Quarkonial decomposition and its applications for Besov-Morrey spaces and Triebel-Lizorkin-Morrey spaces." 14.00 Uhr   Mirek Krbec  (Prague)
      "On weighted critical imbeddings."
    • 1. Juni 2007  
      kein Seminar !   -->   Spring School PasekyExternal link

    • 8. Juni 2007  
      Sofia Lopes   (Aveiro)
      "Besov spaces of generalised smoothness on h-spaces."
    • 15. Juni 2007  
      Lutz Weis   (Karlsruhe)
      "$H_\infty$ Funktionalkalkül und Funktionenräume."
    • 22. Juni 2007  
      12.15 Uhr   Bernadeta Tomasz   (Poznań)
      "Radial functions and entropy numbers of Sobolev embeddings on manifolds." 14.00 Uhr   Radosław Szwedek  (Poznań)
      "Interpolation of measure of weak non-compactness by the abstract real method."
    • 29. Juni 2007  
      Jan Vybíral   (Jena)
      "Approximation widths of embeddings of function spaces."
    • 6. Juli 2007  
      12.15 Uhr   Henryk Woźniakowski   (Columbia Univ., NY/ Warschau; z.Zt. Jena)
      "Smoothness and Tractability of Multivariate Approximation." 14.15 Uhr   Mariusz Piotrowski  (Wien)
      "A survey on alpha modulation spaces."
    • 13. Juli 2007  
      12.15 Uhr   G.A. Kalyabin   (Moscow)
      "Some problems by Kozlov, related to summation methods, uniform distribution and ergodicity." 13.45 Uhr   B.V. Trushin  (Moscow)
      "Sobolev embedding theorem for some class of anisotropic non-regular domains."
  • winter term 2006/07
    • Mittwoch, 18. Oktober 2006, R. 3517, Ernst-Abbe-Platz 2
      16.00 Uhr   Yavdat Ilyasov   (Ufa)
      "On calculation of bifurcations in terms of the variational principle."
    • 27. Oktober 2006  
      Dachun Yang   (Beijing)
      "Boundedness of singular integrals in Hardy spaces on spaces of homogeneous type."External link
    • 3. November 2006  
      12.30 Uhr   Tino Ullrich   (Jena)
      "Smolyak's Algorithm and Function Spaces With Dominating Mixed Smoothness, I."External link 14.30 Uhr   Iwona Piotrowska   (Jena)
    • Mittwoch, 8. November 2006, R. 3517, Ernst-Abbe-Platz 2
      16.30 Uhr   Béatrice Vedel   (Paris)
      "Seismic inversion under scaling control."
    • 10. November 2006  
      12.30 Uhr   Tino Ullrich   (Jena)
      "Smolyak's Algorithm and Function Spaces With Dominating Mixed Smoothness, II."External link
    • 17. November 2006  
      12.30 Uhr   Jan Vybíral   (Jena)
      "Sampling numbers of embedding operators." 14.30 Uhr   Hans Triebel   (Jena)
      "The dichotomy of function spaces: Traces on $d$-sets $\Gamma$ versus the density of $D(R^n\setminus\Gamma)$."
    • 24. November 2006  
      12.30 Uhr   Leszek Skrzypczak   (Poznań)
      "Properties of Sobolev embeddings for spaces with Muckenhoupt weights. The first attempt." 14.15 Uhr   Jan Schneider   (Jena)
      "Function spaces of varying smoothness. The state of art."
      --> muss wegen Erkrankung des Referenten verschoben werden <--
    • 1. Dezember 2006  
      12.30 Uhr   Werner Linde   (Jena)
      "Entropy of weighted integral operators." 14.15 Uhr   Shinya Moritoh   (Nara)
      "A further decay estimate of the Dziubanski-Hernandez wavelets."
    • Mittwoch, 6. Dezember 2006, R. 3517, Ernst-Abbe-Platz 2
      16.00 Uhr   Nurlan Temirgaliev   (Astana)
      "Problems in the theory of functions and computational methods."
    • 8. Dezember 2006  
      12.30 Uhr   Abel Carvalho   (Aveiro)
      "Maximal Hausdorff dimension for the class of all real functions of $B^s_{p,q}$ on a $d$-set." 14.15 Uhr   Stanislav Hencl   (Prague)
      "Homeomorphisms in the Sobolev space and homeomorphisms of bounded variation."
    • Mittwoch, 13. Dezember 2006, R. 3517, Ernst-Abbe-Platz 2
      16.00 Uhr   Vladimir M. Tikhomirov   (Moscow)
      "Convex Analysis and Recovery." 16.45 Uhr   Konstantin Yu. Osipenko   (Moscow)
      "Optimal Recovery of Derivatives from Inaccurate Data on the Fourier Transform."
    • 15. Dezember 2006  
      12.30 Uhr   Luboš Dostal   (Prague)
      "Some new types of spaces of Lorentz type." 14.15 Uhr   Jan Schneider   (Jena)
      "Function spaces of varying smoothness. The state of art."

    • 12. Januar 2007  
      12.30 Uhr   Massimo Lanza de Cristoforis   (Padova)
      "Regularity of the symbolic calculus in Besov algebras." 14.15 Uhr   Gérard Bourdaud   (Paris)
      "Homogeneous Besov algebras and superposition theorems."
    • Mittwoch, 17. Januar 2007, R. 3517, Ernst-Abbe-Platz 2
      16.00 Uhr   A.I. Stepanets   (Kiev)
      "Ukrainian School of Approximation Theory: generalized smoothness, classification of functions, sharp constants, widths, new metrics." 17.10 Uhr   K.V. Runovski   (Kiev)
      "Realizations of K-functionals and families of linear polynomial operators as basic concepts of Approximation Theory in $L_p$-spaces (to the new AvH-Project)."
    • 19. Januar 2007  
      12.30 Uhr   Lars Diening   (Freiburg)
      "Spaces with Variable Differentiabilty and Integrability."
    • 26. Januar 2007  
      12.30 Uhr   Smbat Gogyan   (Yerevan/Warszawa)
      "Greedy algorithms in Banach spaces."
    • 2. Februar 2007  
      12.30 Uhr   Frank Ohme   (Jena)
      "Zeit-Frequenz-Methoden zur Analyse von Signalen, I. Kurz-Zeit-Fouriertransformation." 13.30 Uhr   Gregor Oelsner   (Jena)
      "Zeit-Frequenz-Methoden zur Analyse von Signalen, II. Wavelets."
  • summer term 2006


    • 21. April 2006  
      Edwin Hammerich   (Hof)
      "Ein Abtasttheorem für Zeit-Frequenz-lokalisierte Signale."
    • 28. April 2006  
      Jan Schneider   (Jena)
      "Varying Smoothness & 2 - Microlocalization."
    • 5. Mai 2006  
      Hans Triebel   (Jena)
      "Wavelets in domains, I."
    • 12. Mai 2006  
      Hans Triebel   (Jena)
      "Wavelets in domains, II."
    • 19. Mai 2006  
      12.15 Uhr   Hans Triebel   (Jena)
      "Wavelets in domains, III."
      14.30 Uhr   Stephan Dahlke   (Marburg)
      "Weighted Coorbit Spaces and Banach Frames on Homogeneous Spaces."
    • 2. Juni 2006  
      kein Seminar !   -->   NAFSA-8External link

    • 9. Juni 2006  
      12.15 Uhr   Konstantin Oskolkov   (Columbia, South Carolina)
      "Some problems of ridge approximation, and Radon - Fourier analysis."
      14.00 Uhr   Abel Carvalho   (Aveiro)
      "On the smoothness and dimension in Weierstrass-type functions."
    • 16. Juni 2006  
      Sofia Lopes   (Aveiro)
      "Non-smooth atoms in Besov spaces of generalised smoothness on $h$-sets."
    • 30. Juni 2006  
      Konstantin Runovski   (Kiev)
      "On approximation methods generated by Bochner-Riesz kernels." Zoya Runovska   (Kiev)
      "Estimation of statistical parameters by grouped variational series." Igor Rystsov   (Kiev)
      "On implementation of some stochastic-analytical procedures in MatLab."
    • 7. Juli 2006  
      kein Seminar !   -->   Function Spaces VIIIExternal link
    • Montag, 10. Juli 2006, SR 125, Carl-Zeiß-Straße 3
      14.30 Uhr   Akihiko Miyachi   (Tokyo)
      "Weighted Hardy space on an interval and the Poisson integral associated with ultraspherical series."
    • 14. Juli 2006  
      Jan Vybíral   (Jena)
      "Über $p$-nukleare Operatoren."
    • 21. Juli 2006,  R. 3319, Ernst-Abbe-Platz 2
      9.00 Uhr   Erika Tamási   (Jena)


  • winter term 2005/06
    • 28. Oktober 2005  
      Béatrice Vedel   (Jena)
      "Besov characteristics of distributions."
    • 4. November 2005  
      Hans-Jürgen Schmeißer   (Jena)
      "Multivariate Rearrangements and limiting embeddings."
    • 11. November 2005  
      Hans Triebel   (Jena)
      "Wavelets in domains."
    • 18. November 2005  
      Jan Vybíral   (Jena)
      "Optimal embeddings on unbounded domains."
    • 25. November 2005  
      Walter E. Farkas   (Zürich)
      "On Option Pricing under Lévy Copulas"External link
    • 2. Dezember 2005  
      kein Seminar !     -->   verlegt auf 14.12.2005

    • 9. Dezember 2005  
      12.15 Uhr   Igor Novitski   (Khabarovsk)
      "On third-kind integral equations."
      13.15 Uhr   Mirek Krbec   (Prague)
      "On a limiting case of the uncertainty principle."
    • Mittwoch, 14. Dezember 2005, SR 318, Carl-Zeiß-Straße 3
      14.30 Uhr   Ritva M. Hurri-Syrjänen   (Helsinki)
      "Vanishing exponential integrability."
    • 16. Dezember 2005  
      Dorothee D. Haroske   (Jena)
      "Growth envelopes in weighted function spaces. Local and global results."
    • 6. Januar 2006  
      Erich Novak   (Jena)
      "Optimal Approximation of Elliptic Problems by Linear and Nonlinear Mappings. I."
    • 13. Januar 2006  
      Winfried Sickel   (Jena)
      "Optimal Approximation of Elliptic Problems by Linear and Nonlinear Mappings. II."
    • 20. Januar 2006  
      Iwona Piotrowska   (Jena)
      "Traces of spaces $B^s_{p,q}(\rn,w)$ on fractals."
    • 27. Januar 2006  
      Erika Tamási   (Jena)
      "Approximationszahlen in anisotropen Besov-Rämen."
    • 3. Februar 2006  
      António Caetano   (Aveiro)
      "Growth envelopes of Besov spaces at the zero main level of smoothness."
    • 10. Februar 2006  
      kein Seminar !     -->   KolloquiumExternal link

    • 17. Februar 2006  
      Henning Kempka   (Jena)
      "Generalized 2-microlocal Besov spaces."
  • summer term 2005
    • 15. April 2005  Hans-Gerd Leopold   (Jena)
      "Entropy numbers of embeddings of Besov spaces with general weights."
    • 22. April 2005  Iwona Piotrowska   (Jena)
      "Atomic decompositions in weighted Besov spaces."
    • 29. April 2005  Jan Schneider   (Jena)
      "Function spaces of varying smoothness."
    • 6. Mai 2005  
      12.15 Uhr   Hans-Gerd Leopold   (Jena)
      "Entropy numbers of embeddings of Besov spaces - The limiting case."
      14.00 Uhr   Abel Carvalho   (Aveiro)
      "Fractal properties and smoothness: extreme functions."
    • 13. Mai 2005  
      Jan Vybíral   (Jena)
      "Traces of function spaces with dominating mixed smoothness in $\mathbb{R}^3$."
    • 20. Mai 2005  
      Erika Tamási   (Jena)
      "Wavelet frames for distributions in anisotropic Besov spaces."
    • 27. Mai 2005  
      kein Seminar !   -->   Nikolskii-KonferenzExternal link

    • 3. Juni 2005  
      kein Seminar !   -->   Spring School PasekyExternal link

    • 10. Juni 2005  
      Michail L. Goldman   (Moscow)
      "On rearrangement- invariant envelope of a generalized Sobolev space."
    • 17. Juni 2005  
      Herbert Amann   (Zürich)
      "Parabolische Evolutionsgleichungen und Funktionenräume."
    • 24. Juni 2005  
      Igor Verbitsky   (Univ. Missouri, Columbia)
      "Quasilinear and fully nonlinear equations of Lane-Emden type and Wolff potential estimates."
    • 1. Juli 2005  
      Peter Oswald   (Bremen)
      "Applications of Sparse Grid Approximation to Solving Operator Equations."
    • 8. Juli 2005  
      kein Seminar !   -->   OTFUSA 2005External link

    • 15. Juli 2005  
      Thomas Kühn   (Leipzig)
      "Entropy techniques in sequence spaces."
  • winter term 2004/05
    • 15. Oktober 2004  
      12.15 Uhr   Abel Carvalho   (Aveiro)
      "Box dimension and smoothness in function spaces"
      14.15 Uhr   Susana D. Moura   (Coimbra)
      "On some characterisations of Besov spaces of generalised smoothness."
    • 22. Oktober 2004  
      Shinya Moritoh   (Nara)
      "Microlocal ridgelet transforms and function spaces."
    • 29. Oktober 2004  
      Qingying Xue   (Beijing / Jena)
      "Some new developments for Littlewood-Paley Operators."
    • 5. November 2004  
      12.15 Uhr   Victoria Knopova   (Kiev / Jena)
      "On some pseudo-differential operators in $L_p(R^n)$ and $L_p(R^n_{0+})$."
      14.30 Uhr   Zoya Burinska   (Kiev)
      "Analysis and prognosis of the effectiveness of the decisions made to choose the way out of crisis situations."
    • 12. November 2004  
      Radosław Szwedek   (Poznań)
      "Interpolation of measure of non-compactness by the abstract real method."
    • 19. November 2004  
      12.15 Uhr   Jon Johnsen   (Aalborg)
      "Domains of pseudo-differential operators of type 1,1: a case for the Triebel-Lizorkin spaces."
      14.15 Uhr   Abdellah Youssfi   (Marne-la-Vallée)
      "Schrödinger group and function spaces."
    • 26. November 2004  
      Leszek Skrzypczak   (Poznań)
      "Approximation numbers of Sobolev and embeddings of weighted and radial Besov spaces."
    • 3. Dezember 2004  
      12.15 Uhr   Uwe Luther  (Chemnitz)
      "Approximationsräume und Anwendungen."
      14.15 Uhr   Mirek Krbec   (Prague)
      "On non-effective weights in Orlicz spaces."
    • 10. Dezember 2004  
      12.15 Uhr   Bohumir Opic   (Prague)
      "Sharp embeddings of Besov spaces with logarithmic smoothness."
      14.15 Uhr   Jani Virtanen   (London)
      "Spectral theory of Toeplitz operators on Hardy spaces."
    • 17. Dezember 2004  
      Vladimir Ovchinnikov   (Voronezh / Prague)
      "Embedding theorems for generalized method of means with arbitrary quasi-concave functional parameters."
    • 7. Januar 2005  
      Tino Ullrich   (Jena)
      "Smolyak's algorithm for sparse grid approximation of periodic functions on the $d$-dimensinal torus."
    • 14. Januar 2005  
      Erika Tamási   (Jena)
      "Atomic and sub-atomic characterization of $F^{s,a}_{p,q}$"
    • 21. Januar 2005  
      Jan Vybíral   (Jena)
      "A diagonal embedding theorem for function spaces with dominating mixed smoothness."
    • 28. Januar 2005  
      Hans Triebel   (Jena)
      "Fractal characteristics of distributions."
    • 4. Februar 2005  
      12.15 Uhr   Luboš Pick   (Prague)
      To be announced.
      13.30 Uhr   Eva Kaspríková   (Prague)
      "Compactness of Integral Operators on Rearrangement-invariant Spaces."
      14.30 Uhr   Pawel Kröger   (Valparaiso, Chile)
      "Universal estimates for eigenvalues of Schrödinger operators on domains in Euclidean space and two-point homogeneous spaces."External link
    • Dienstag, 22. Februar 2005, R. 3517, EAP 2
      10.00 Uhr   Qixiang Yang   (Wuhan University, China)
      "$L_2$ - continuity and general non-regular Hörmander symbol operators."
  • summer term 2004
    • Mittwoch, 7. April 2004, R. 3521, EAP 2
      14.15 Uhr   Massimo Lanza de Cristoforis   (Padua)
      "On topics of spectral theory for differential operators of elliptic type."
    • 16. April 2004  
      Hans Triebel   (Jena)
      12.15 Uhr   "Multiresolution analysis and anisotropic wavelet clusters, I."
      14.00 Uhr   "Multiresolution analysis and anisotropic wavelet clusters, II."
    • 23. April 2004  
      Hans Triebel   (Jena)
      "Anisotropic function spaces."
    • 30. April 2004  
      Tino Ullrich   (Jena)
      "Über die periodische Interpolation auf schwach besetzten Gittern mittels de la Vallée-Poussin-Kernen."
    • 7. Mai 2004  
      Jan Vybíral   (Jena)
      "Komplexe Interpolation für Quasi-Banachverbände und Anwendungen."
    • 14. Mai 2004  
      Winfried Sickel   (Jena)
      "Komposition von Funktionen beschränkter $p$-Variation."
    • 21. Mai 2004  
      Igor Rystsov   (Kiev)
      "Construction of Bezier curve by given knots."
    • 28. Mai 2004  
      kein Seminar !   -->   FSDONA 2004External link

    • 4. Juni 2004  
      Erich Novak   (Jena)
      "Sampling numbers, I."
    • 11. Juni 2004  
      Hans Triebel  (Jena)
      "Sampling numbers, II."
    • 18. Juni 2004  
      kein Seminar     --> verschoben auf 21. Juni 2004
    • Montag, 21. Juni 2004, R. 3319, Ernst-Abbe-Platz 2
      12.00 Uhr   Tatyana Tararykova   (Cardiff)
      "Necessary and sufficient conditions for boundedness of general Steklov and geometric Steklov operators in weighted $L_p$ -spaces."
      13.00 Uhr   Viktor I. Burenkov   (Cardiff)
      "Necessary and sufficient conditions for boundedness of the maximal operator, fractional maximal operator and the Riesz potential in general Morrey-type spaces."
    • 25. Juni 2004  
      Nicolae Popa   (Bukarest)
      "Some topics in harmonic analysis for matrices."
    • 2. Juli 2004  
      António Caetano   (Aveiro)
      "Spaces $B^{\sigma,N}_{p,q}(\mathbb{R}^n)$ : embeddings and growth envelopes."
    • 9. Juli 2004  
      Lassi Päivärinta   (Helsinki)
      "Calderon inverse conductivity problems and quasi-conformal maps."
    • 16. Juli 2004  
      12.15 Uhr   Iwona Piotrowska   (Jena)
      "Wavelet-Basen in Orlicz-Räumen."
      14.30 Uhr   Vakhtang Kokilashvili   (Tbilissi)
      "Riemann boundary value problem and related integral equations in $L_{p(x)}$ spaces."
    • Freitag, 6. August 2004, R. 3517, EAP 2
      12.00 Uhr   Béatrice Vedel   (Amiens)
      "Settlement of infrared divergence in adapted wavelet bases."
  • winter term 2003/04
    • 17. Oktober 2003  
      Antonio Caetano (Aveiro)
      "Continuity envelopes for spaces of generalised smoothness: results and applications."
    • 24. Oktober 2003  
      Hans Triebel (Jena)
      12.15 Uhr   "Characterisation of Besov spaces via mollification; fractal quantities for distributions and measures, I."
      14.00 Uhr   "Characterisation of Besov spaces via mollification; fractal quantities for distributions and measures, II."
    • Donnerstag, 30. Oktober 2003, R. 3319 (Kozi), EAP 2
      14.15 Uhr   Leszek Skrzypczak (Poznan)
      "Entropy numbers of Trudinger-Strichartz embeddings of radial Besov spaces."
    • 31. Oktober 2003  
      kein Seminar (Reformationstag)

    • 7. November 2003  
      Hans Triebel (Jena)
      "Radon'sche Maße in Funktionenräumen."
    • 14. November 2003  
      12.15 Uhr   V. M. Tikhomirov (Moscow)
      To be announced.
      14.00 Uhr   Lubos Pick (Prague)
      "Compact embeddings of Sobolev spaces."
    • 21. November 2003   --> entfällt wegen Krankheit !
      Thomas Kühn (Leipzig)
      "Entropy numbers of Brezis-Wainger type embeddings."
    • 28. November 2003  
      12.15 Uhr   Michele Bricchi (Pavia)
      "Further remarks on isotropic measures."
      14.00 Uhr   Sergey Tikhonov (Moskau)
      "Moduli of smoothness of fractional order and some applications."
    • 5. Dezember 2003  
      12.15 Uhr   Mirek Krbec (Prague)
      "Variations on Yano's Theorem."
      14.00 Uhr   Igor Novitski (Khabarovsk)
      "Some extensions of the Mercer theorem to non-symmetric kernels."
    • Mittwoch, 10. Dezember 2003
    • 14.30 Uhr   Dr. J. B. Usowicz
      (Torun Radio Astronomy Observatory, Nicholas Copernicus University)
      "Detecting Gravitational Wave Transients With Wavepackets"
    • 15.30 Uhr   Dr. E. Chassande-Mottin
      (Observatoire de Nice)
      "Chirplet chains for GW chirp detection."
    • 16.30 Uhr   Dr. B. Krishnan
      (Albert-Einstein-Institut Golm)
      "Searching for Gravitational Waves from Pulsars using Hough Transform"
    • 12. Dezember 2003  
      Peter Oswald (Bell Labs / Aachen)
      "Glattheitsanalyse in Multiskalen-Algorithmen."External link
    • 9. Januar 2004  
      Thomas Kühn (Leipzig)
      "Entropy numbers of Brezis-Wainger type embeddings."
    • 16. Januar 2004  
      Lars Diening (Freiburg)
      "Verallgemeinerte Lebesgue und Sobolevräume."
    • 23. Januar 2004  
      Jan Schneider (Jena)
      "Funktionenräume mit variabler Glattheit."
    • 30. Januar 2004  
      Jan Vybiral (Jena)
      "Function spaces with dominating mixed smoothness, I: Decompositions."
    • Donnerstag, 5. Februar 2004, SR 224, CZ 3
      14.15 Uhr   Serguei Dachkovski (Bremen)
      "Modellierung der thermoplastischen Prozesse mit Phasenumwandlungen."
    • 6. Februar 2004  
      Jan Vybiral (Jena)
      12.15 Uhr   "Function spaces with dominating mixed smoothness, II: Entropy numbers, I."
      14.00 Uhr   "Function spaces with dominating mixed smoothness, II: Entropy numbers, II."
  • summer term 2003
    • 11. April 2003  
      12.15 Uhr   Olaf Post (Aachen)
      "Spektrale Eigenschaften von graphartigen Mannigfaltigkeiten."
      14.00 Uhr   Naim Braha (Pristina)
      "Some properties of $\mu$-approximate sequences in Banach spaces."
    • 18. April 2003  
      kein Seminar (Karfreitag)
    • 25. April 2003  
      Konstantin Runovski (Kiev)
      "Stochastisch-analytische Methoden der Signalverarbeitung und deren mögliche Anwendungen."
    • 2. Mai 2003  
      Winfried Sickel (Jena)
      Vortragsreihe : Entropie-Zahlen für Einbettungen gewichteter Funktionenräume
      "1. Besov-Räume mit Gewicht und Wavelets."
    • 9. Mai 2003  
      Hans-Gerd Leopold (Jena)
      Vortragsreihe : Entropie-Zahlen für Einbettungen gewichteter Funktionenräume
      12.15 Uhr   "2. Stetigkeit und Kompaktheit von Einbettungen gewichteter Folgenräume." 14.00 Uhr   "3. Entropie-Zahlen für Einbettungen gewichteter Folgenräume."
      "3.1. Polynomiale Gewichte."
    • 23. Mai 2003  
      Hans-Gerd Leopold (Jena)
      Vortragsreihe : Entropie-Zahlen für Einbettungen gewichteter Funktionenräume
      "3.2. Polynomiale Gewichte -- der erste Grenzfall."
    • 30. Mai 2003  
      Winfried Sickel (Jena)
      Vortragsreihe : Entropie-Zahlen für Einbettungen gewichteter Funktionenräume
      "3.3. Sub-Polynomiale Gewichte -- der zweite Grenzfall."
      "4. Entropie-Zahlen für Einbettungen gewichteter Bessel-Potentialräume."
    • 13. Juni 2003  
      Hans Triebel (Jena)
      "Atomare und subatomare Zerlegungen in Funktionenräumen, Entropie-Zahlen und Spektraltheorie, I."
    • 20. Juni 2003  
      Hans Triebel (Jena)
      12.15 Uhr   "Atomare und subatomare Zerlegungen in Funktionenräumen, Entropie-Zahlen und Spektraltheorie, II." 14.00 Uhr   "Atomare und subatomare Zerlegungen in Funktionenräumen, Entropie-Zahlen und Spektraltheorie, III."
    • Dienstag, 24. Juni 2003,SR 124, Carl-Zeiß-Straße 3
      16.30 Uhr   Gérard Bourdaud (Paris)
      "Superposition operators and functions of bounded $p$-variation."
    • 4. Juli 2003  
      Walter Farkas (München)
      "Local growth envelopes for Besov spaces of generalised smoothness."
  • winter term 2002/03
    • Donnerstag, 17. Oktober 2002, 14.15 Uhr, Konferenzzimmer (R. 3319), Ernst-Abbe-Platz 2
      Yong Ding (Beijing Normal University)
      "$L^p$ boundedness of Marcinkiewicz integrals with Hardy space function kernels."
    • 25. Oktober 2002  
      12.15 Uhr   Leszek Skrzypczak (Poznan)
      "Smoothing properties and compactness of Riesz-Bessel potentials on symmetric spaces of noncompact type."
      14.15 Uhr   Shinya Moritoh (Nara)
      "Interpolation theorem on weighted Lorentz spaces."
    • 1. November 2002  
      kein Seminar !   -->   Herbstschule des GraduiertenkollegsExternal link

    • 8. November 2002  
      Hans Triebel (Jena)
      "Spaces of varying smoothness."
    • 15. November 2002  
      Arsen Baghdasaryan (Yerevan)
      "On the interpolation approach to the investigation of some generalised spaces of Besov type."
    • 22. November 2002  
      Lubos Pick (Prague)
      "Remarks on some basic properties of classical Lorentz spaces."
    • Dienstag, 26. November 2002, 16.00 Uhr, Konferenzzimmer (R. 3319), Ernst-Abbe-Platz 2
      Walter Farkas (München)
      "On symbols and pseudo-differential operators associated to a Bernstein function."
    • 6. Dezember 2002  
      Mirek Krbec (Prague)
      "Critical imbeddings and oscillation properties."
    • 13. Dezember 2002  
      V. M. Tikhomirov (Moscow)
      "A modern look at approximation theory."
    • 10. Januar 2003  
      Hans Triebel (Jena)
      "Approximationszahlen in Funktionenräumen und Eigenwertverteilungen fraktaler elliptischer Operatoren."
    • 17. Januar 2003  
      Hans Triebel (Jena)
      "Approximationszahlen in Funktionenräumen und Eigenwertverteilungen fraktaler elliptischer Operatoren, II."
    • 24. Januar 2003  
      Aicke Hinrichs (Jena)
      "Vektorwertige Fouriertransformationen und Geometrie von Banachräumen."
    • 7. Februar 2003  
      Alois Kufner (Prague)
      "Hardy-Ungleichungen : Beste Konstanten und Spektralprobleme."
    • 14. Februar 2003, 13.00 Uhr  
      Dorothee D. Haroske (Jena)
      "Continuity envelopes in spaces of generalised smoothness, and applications."
  • summer term 2002
    • 5. April 2002  
      Hans-Jürgen Schmeißer (Jena)
      "Einbettungs- und Spursätze für Räume vektorwertiger Funktionen."
    • 12. April 2002  
      Zoya Burinska (Jena)
      "Verallgemeinerte Abtastreihen - Konvergenz und Approximation."
    • 19. April 2002  
      Abdellah Youssfi (Marne-la-Vallée)
      "Homogeneous distributions and Schrödinger operator."
    • 3. Mai 2002  
      Thomas Runst (Jena)
      "Anti-Maximum-Prinzip und Anwendungen auf nichtlineare partielle Differentialgleichungen."
    • 17. Mai 2002  
      Hans-Jürgen Schmeißer, Winfried Sickel (Jena)
      12.15 Uhr   "Funktionenräume mit dominierender gemischter Glattheit - Grundlagen." 14.15 Uhr   "Funktionenräume mit dominierender gemischter Glattheit und Approximation vom hyperbolischen Kreuz."
    • 24. Mai 2002  
      Hans-Jürgen Schmeißer, Winfried Sickel (Jena)
      "Über die Konvergenz der Abtastsumme bezüglich dünner Gitter und Sobolev-Räume mit dominierender gemischter Glattheit."
    • 31. Mai 2002  
      Hans Triebel (Jena)
      "Nicht-glatte Atome und punktweise Multiplikatoren in Funktionenräumen."
    • 14. Juni 2002  
      Hans Triebel (Jena)
      "Die Positivitätseigenschaft von Funktionenräumen."
    • Mittwoch, 26. Juni 2002, 15.15 Uhr, Konferenzzimmer (R. 3319), Ernst-Abbe-Platz 2
      Jan Vybiral (Prague)
      "Optimal Function Spaces for Sublinear Operators and Sobolev Embeddings."
    • 28. Juni 2002  
      kein Seminar (Schillertag)
    • Donnerstag, 11. Juli 2002,Hörsaal 8, Carl-Zeiß-Straße 3
      9.30 Uhr   Vakhtang Kokilashvili (Tbilissi)
      "The limiting cases of weighted inequalities for fractional integrals." 11.00 Uhr   Dorothee D. Haroske (Jena)
      "Envelopes in function spaces, and compact embeddings."
  • winter term 2001/02
    • 26. Oktober 2001  
      12.15 Uhr   Stefan Heinrich (Kaiserslautern)
      "Quantenalgorithmen für numerische Probleme der Analysis."
      14.00 Uhr   Shinya Moritoh (Nara)
      "Sobolev Inequalities - A Survey."
    • 2. November 2001  
      Sergey Dashkovsky (Jena)
      "Gleichungen auf Fraktalen und Anwendungen der Q-Methode."
    • 9. November 2001  
      V. M. Tikhomirov, G. G. Magaril-Ilyaev (Moscow)
      "Optimal recovery and extremum theory."
    • 16. November 2001  
      Hans Triebel (Jena)
      "Fractal characteristics of measures."
    • 23. November 2001  
      Thomas Runst (Jena)
      "Randwertprobleme für Waldenfels-Operatoren."
    • 30. November 2001  
      12.15 Uhr   Hans-Gerd Leopold (Jena)
      "On function spaces of generalised smoothness."
      14.00 Uhr   Walter Farkas (München)
      "Some new results on functions spaces of generalised smoothness."
    • 7. Dezember 2001  
      12.15 Uhr   Michael Reissig (Freiberg)
      "Regularity properties for hyperbolic problems and related function spaces."
      14.15 Uhr   Denis Labutin (Zürich)
      "Potential estimates for semilinear equations. I."
    • Montag, 10. Dezember 2001,Konferenzzimmer (R. 3319), Ernst-Abbe-Platz 2
      15.00 Uhr   Denis Labutin (Zürich)
      "Potential estimates for semilinear equations. II."
    • 14. Dezember 2001  
      Oleg V. Besov (Moscow)
      "Spaces of functions with fractional smoothness on irregular domains."
    • 11. Januar 2002  
      Winfried Sickel (Jena)
      12.15 Uhr   "Hyperbolic equations, function spaces with exponential weights and Nemytskij operators, I." 14.15 Uhr   "Hyperbolic equations, function spaces with exponential weights and Nemytskij operators, II."
    • 18. Januar 2002  
      12.15 Uhr   Lubos Pick (Prague)
      "Logarithmic Sobolev inequalities."
      14.00 Uhr   Susana Moura (Coimbra)
      "Local growth envelopes of spaces of generalized smoothness: the sub-critical case."
    • 25. Januar 2002  
      Michele Bricchi (Jena)
      12.15 Uhr   "Tailored function spaces and related $h$-sets, I." 14.00 Uhr   "Tailored function spaces and related $h$-sets, II."
    • 1. Februar 2002  
      Hans Triebel (Jena)
      12.15 Uhr   "Wavelet frames for distributions; local and pointwise regularity, I." 14.15 Uhr   "Wavelet frames for distributions; local and pointwise regularity, II."
  • summer term 2001
    • 6. April 2001  
      Giorgio Follo (Milano)
      "Fractals generated by a sequence of finite systems of contractions."
    • 13. April 2001  
      kein Seminar (Karfreitag)
    • 20. April 2001  
      Winfried Sickel (Jena)
      "Komposition von Funktionen in   BMO   und verwandten Räumen."
    • 27. April 2001  
      Konstantin Runovski (Jena)
      "On families of operators generated by Bochner-Riesz kernels."
    • 4. Mai 2001  
      Hans Triebel (Jena)
      "Types of analysis : Gabor (time-frequency), wavelet, quarkonial, Gausslet. A survey."
    • 11. Mai 2001  
      Erich Novak (Jena)
      "Zur numerischen Komplexität von Operatorgleichungen."
    • 18. Mai 2001  
      Dachun Yang (Beijing / Jena)
      "New characterizations of function spaces on homogeneous type spaces and $d$-sets."
    • 8. Juni 2001  
      Reinhard Hochmuth (FU Berlin)
      "Anisotrope Funktionenräume und Wavelets."
    • 15. Juni 2001  
      Hans Triebel (Jena)
      "Funktionenräume in Lipschitz-Gebieten."
    • 22. Juni 2001  
      Michele Bricchi (Jena)
      "Regular variations, $h$-sets, and function spaces."
    • 29. Juni 2001  
      kein Seminar !   -->   FSDONA-01External link

    • 6. Juli 2001 ,   14.00 Uhr
      Rudolf Stens (RWTH Aachen)
      "Whittaker's Cardinal Function"   von 1899 bis heute
  • winter term 2000/01
    • Dienstag, 24. Oktober 2000,Konferenzzimmer (R. 3319), Ernst-Abbe-Platz 2
      15.00 Uhr   V.N. Temlyakov (South Carolina, Columbia)
      "Greedy Algorithms in Nonlinear Approximation."External link 16.15 Uhr   Karlheinz Gröchenig (Wien)
      "Non-uniform sampling, Toeplitz matrices, and approximation of band-limited functions"
    • 27. Oktober 2000  
      Shinya Moritoh (Nara, Japan)
      "Marcinkiewicz type interpolation theorem on weighted Lorentz spaces"
    • 3. November 2000  
      Vakhtang Kokilashvili (Tbilissi)
      "Fractional integrals and multipliers."
    • 10. November 2000  
      Yavdat Ilyasov (Ufa / Jena)
      "Existence and multiplicity results for a class of non-linear boundary value problems."
    • 17. November 2000  
      Thomas Kühn (Leipzig)
      12.15 Uhr   "Entropy numbers of embeddings in sequence and function spaces, I." 13.45 Uhr   "Entropy numbers of embeddings in sequence and function spaces, II."
    • 24. November 2000  
      Thomas Schott (Jena)
      12.15 Uhr   "Exponential decay of eigenfunctions of elliptic operators, I." 13.45 Uhr   "Exponential decay of eigenfunctions of elliptic operators, II."
    • 1. Dezember 2000  
      Volodymyr Koshmanenko (Kiev / Bonn)
      "Finiteness of negative spectra of the Schrödinger operator with fractal potential".
    • 8. Dezember 2000  
      12.15 Uhr   Mirek Krbec (Prague)
      "Decomposition and Moser's lemma."
      13.45 Uhr   Igor Novitski (Khabarovsk / Jena)
      "On integral representations of linear operators."
    • 15. Dezember 2000  
      Dachun Yang (Beijing / Jena)
      "On Herz-type spaces."
    • 12. Januar 2001  
      Michele Bricchi (Jena)
      12.15 Uhr   "H-Mengen, I." 13.45 Uhr   "H-Mengen, II."
    • 19. Januar 2001  
      Alois Kufner (Prague)
      "Zur Hardy-Ungleichung - das letzte Mal. Bemerkungen, offene Probleme etc."
    • 26. Januar 2001  
      Sergey Dashkovsky (Jena)
      "The Q-method in anisotropic spaces."
    • 2. Februar 2001  
      Hans Triebel (Jena)
      12.15 Uhr   "Weyl measures and fractal drums in the plane, I." 14.00 Uhr   "Weyl measures and fractal drums in the plane, II."
    • 9. Februar 2001  
      12.15 Uhr   Hans-Gerd Leopold (Jena)
      "Eigenvalues of elliptic operators on fractals; upper estimates."
      14.15 Uhr   Susana Margarida Domingues de Moura (Coimbra)
      "Function spaces on $(d, \Psi)$-sets, entropy numbers, applications."
    • 16. Februar 2001  
      Zoya Burinska (Jena)
      "On approximation methods generated by de la Vallee-Poussin and Fejer kernels."
  • summer term 2000
    • 14. April 2000  
      A. Youssfi (Marne-la-Vallée)
      "Function spaces and semilinear equations."
    • 21. April 2000  
      kein Seminar   (Karfreitag)
    • 28. April 2000  
      H. Triebel (Jena)
      "The structure of functions."
    • 5. Mai 2000  
      L. Skrzypczak (Poznan)
      "Rotation invariant subspaces of Besov-Triebel spaces and compactness of embeddings."
    • 12. Mai 2000  
      M. Bricchi (Jena)
      "Ball condition and applications."
    • 19. Mai 2000  
      L. Päivärinta (Oulu)
      "Analytic methods for inverse scattering."
    • 26. Mai 2000  
      kein Seminar  
    • Montag, 29. Mai 2000, 14.15 Uhr, Konferenzzimmer (R. 3319), Ernst-Abbe-Platz 2
      H. Triebel (Jena)
      "Green's functions as extremal functions."
    • 2. Juni 2000  
      N. Jacob (Erlangen)
      Lecture Series : Fourier Analysis, Convolutional Semigroups, Function Spaces
    • Montag, 5. Juni 2000, 14.15 Uhr, Konferenzzimmer (R. 3319), Ernst-Abbe-Platz 2
      D. Haroske (Jena) "Envelopes in function spaces, II."
    • 9. Juni 2000  
      N. Jacob (Erlangen)
      Lecture Series : Fourier Analysis, Convolutional Semigroups, Function Spaces
    • 16. Juni 2000  
      N. Jacob (Erlangen)
      Lecture Series : Fourier Analysis, Convolutional Semigroups, Function Spaces
    • Montag, 19. Juni 2000, 14.15 Uhr, Konferenzzimmer (R. 3319), Ernst-Abbe-Platz 2
      S. M. Domingues de Moura (Coimbra) "Function spaces with generalized smoothness"
    • 23. Juni 2000  
    • Montag, 26. Juni 2000, 14.15 Uhr, Konferenzzimmer (R. 3319), Ernst-Abbe-Platz 2
      S. Dashkovsky (Jena) "Semilineare Integralgleichungen und Visko-Elastizitätstheorie."
    • 30. Juni 2000  
      N. Jacob (Erlangen)
      Lecture Series : Fourier Analysis, Convolutional Semigroups, Function Spaces
    • Montag, 3. Juli 2000, 14.15 Uhr, Konferenzzimmer (R. 3319), Ernst-Abbe-Platz 2
      H.-G. Leopold (Jena) "Embeddings and entropy numbers for general weighted sequence spaces."
    • 7. Juli 2000  
      N. Jacob (Erlangen)
      Lecture Series : Fourier Analysis, Convolutional Semigroups, Function Spaces
    • 14. Juli 2000  
      N. Jacob (Erlangen)
      Lecture Series : Fourier Analysis, Convolutional Semigroups, Function Spaces
  • winter term 1999/2000
    • Mittwoch, 13. Oktober 1999,   Hörsaal 3, Abbeanum
    • 22. Oktober 1999   S.M. Domingues de Moura (Coimbra)
      Raumänderung : Konferenzzimmer (R. 3319), Ernst-Abbe-Platz 2
      "Atomic and subatomic decompositions for the spaces $B^{s,\psi}_{p,q}$ and $F^{s,\psi}_{p,q}$."
    • 29. Oktober 1999   S. Robinson (Winston-Salem)
      "Resonance problems for the $p$-Laplacian."
    • 5. November 1999   W. Farkas (München)
      "Bessel potential spaces related to continuous negative definite functions."
    • Montag, 8. November 1999, 11.15 Uhr, Konferenzzimmer (R. 3319), Ernst-Abbe-Platz 2 
      V.M. Tikhomirov (Moscow)
      "The approximation theory in Russia and former Soviet Union."
    • 26. November 1999   M. Krbec (Prague)
      "Decomposition in Zygmund spaces and some applications."
    • 10. Dezember 1999   K. Runovski (Jena)
      "Homogeneous inequalities."
    • 17. Dezember 1999   P. Gurka (Prague)
      "On optimal embeddings."
    • Dienstag, 21. Dezember 1999, 10.15 Uhr, Konferenzzimmer (R. 3319), Ernst-Abbe-Platz 2 
      V. Koshmanenko (Kiev / Bonn)
      "On negative eigenvalue problems under singular perturbations of self-adjoint operators."
    • 7. Januar 2000   S. Umarov (Taschkent / Berlin)
      "Boundary value problems for pseudo-differential equations with analytic symbols."
    • 14. Januar 2000    
    • Montag, 17. Januar 2000, 14.00 Uhr, Konferenzzimmer (R. 3319), Ernst-Abbe-Platz 2 
      H. Boche (HHI Berlin)
      "Zur Anwendung von Abtasttheoremen in der Signalverarbeitung."
      -->   muss wegen Erkrankung des Referenten verschoben werden   <--
    • 21. Januar 2000   H. Triebel (Jena)
      "Traces on sets."
    • 28. Januar 2000   D. Haroske (Jena)
      "Envelopes in function spaces - a first approach."
  • summer term 1999
    • 16. April 1999   H. Triebel (Jena)
      "Sharp embeddings and related Hardy inequalities I."
    • 23. April 1999   H. Triebel (Jena)
      "Sharp embeddings and related Hardy inequalities II."
    • 30. April 1999  
    • 7. Mai 1999   H. Koch (Heidelberg)
      "Well-posedness for the Navier-Stokes equations."
    • 14. Mai 1999   M. Bricchi (Jena)
      "Besovräume auf Fraktalen"
    • 28. Mai 1999   A. Caetano (Aveiro)
      "Equalities between two kinds of function spaces on irregular domains."
    • 4. Juni 1999   W. Farkas (München)
      "Sobolev spaces on non-smooth domains and Dirichlet forms
      related to subordinate reflecting diffusions."
    • 18. Juni 1999   Y. Ilyasov (Ufa)
      "Nonlocal investigations of bifurcations of nonlinear elliptic differential equations."
    • 25. Juni 1999   U. Luther (Chemnitz)
      "Besovräume in der numerischen Analysis."
    • Montag, 28. Juni 1999, 13.15 Uhr, Kozi  
      (gemeinsames Seminar mit der Gruppe "Fraktale Geometrie")
      U. Mosco (Rom / Bonn)
      "Sobolev inequalities on fractals."
    • Mittwoch, 30. Juni 1999, 13.15 Uhr, Kozi  
      A. Bagdassarian (Yerevan)
      "On interpolation characteristics of Peetre type and on generalized spaces of Besov type."
    • 2. Juli 1999   K. Runovskii (Jena)
      "Various methods of polynomial approximation on the d-dimensional torus."
    • 9. Juli 1999   V. Shevchyk (Augsburg)
      "Über die Lösbarkeit von semi-elliptischen Differentialgleichungen."
  • winter term 1998/99
    • 11. September 1998,   Konferenzraum der Fakultät, 3.OG
    • 16. Oktober 1998   M. L. Gol'dman (Moscow)
      "On the principle of duality and modular inequalities in Orlicz-Lorentz spaces."
    • 23. Oktober 1998   A. A. Pankov (Vinnitsa,Ukraine / HU Berlin)
      "Periodic and solitary travelling waves for generalized
      Kadomtsev-Petriashvili equations."
    • 6. November 1998   A. Caetano (Aveiro, Portugal)
      "Entropy, limiting embeddings and interpolation."
    • 13. November 1998   H. Triebel (Jena)
      "Eigenfunctions of fractal drums."
    • 20. November 1998   H.-J. Schmeißer (Jena)
      "Reduced Sobolev imbeddings - limiting cases."
    • Montag, 30. November 1998, 15.00 Uhr   V.I. Burenkov (Cardiff)
      "Extension theorems with preservation of some smoothness
      for strongly degenerated domains."
    • Mittwoch, 9. Dezember 1998,   SR 164, UHG
    • 11. Dezember 1998  
      kein Seminar, verschoben auf 9.12.98
    • 8. Januar 1999   Sh. Moritoh (Nara / Jena)
      "Function spaces and Fourier-Bros-Iagolnitzer transforms."
    • 15. Januar 1999   M. Lanza (Padua)
      "Differentiability properties of a composition operator."
    • 22. Januar 1999   G. Bourdaud (Paris)
      "Changes of Variable in Besov spaces."
    • 29. Januar 1999   K. Runovski (Chernigov)
      "Inequalities for trigonometric polynomials and homogeneous Fourier multipliers."
    • 5. Februar 1999   D. Haroske (Jena)
      "Embeddings in spaces of Lipschitz type, entropy and approximation numbers."
    • Dienstag, 2. März 1999, 10.15 Uhr, R. 3319   L. Skrzypczak (Poznan)
      "Radial subspaces of Besov and Lizorkin-Triebel classes and compactness of embeddings."
  • summer term 1998


    • 24. April 1998   R. Schneider (Chemnitz)
      "Wavelet Entwicklung nichtlinearer Funktionen."
    • 1. Mai 1998
      kein Seminar (Feiertag)
    • 8. Mai 1998   L. Skrzypczak (Poznan)
      "Besov spaces and Hausdorff dimension for Carnot-Caratheodory metric
      on Lie groups."
    • 15. Mai 1998   R. Denk (Regensburg)
      "Nicht-glatte parameter-elliptische Randwertprobleme."
    • 19. Juni 1998   F. Schipp (Budapest)
      "Hardy spaces and their applications in harmonic analysis."
    • 26. Juni 1998   kein Seminar   (Schillertag)



  • winter term 1997/98
    • 24. Oktober 1997 V. Filipov (Saratov, Rostock)
      "On some classes of complete systems of functions in spaces with
      0 < p< $\infty$."
    • 31. Oktober 1997
      kein Seminar (Reformationstag)
    • 7. November 1997 W. Sickel (Jena)
      "Über Fouriersche Multiplikatoren in periodischen Räumen mit p<1."
    • 14. November 1997 J. Prestin (München)
      "Polynomiale Frames und Basen."
    • 21. November 1997 Y. Ilyasov (Steklov Institute, Moscow)
      "On the approximation of the ground state solution."
    • 28. November 1997 M. Krbec (Prague)
      "Weight theory of integral operators on spaces of homogeneous type."
    • 5. Dezember 1997 V.M. Tikhomirov (Moscow)
      "Smoothness, Embedding, and Approximation."
    • 19. Dezember 1997 V. Shevchyk (Jena)
      "On boundary value problems for semi-elliptic operators."
    • 9. Januar 1998 H. Triebel (Jena)
      "Subatomare Zerlegungen und Superlösungen semi-linearer
      elliptischer Gleichungen."
    • 16. Januar 1998 W. Farkas (Jena)
      "Zur Eigenwertverteilung einiger fraktaler semi-elliptischer
    • 23. Januar 1998 H. Triebel (Jena)
      "Fractals, Spectra, and Function Spaces I - III."
    • 30. Januar 1998 H. Triebel (Jena)
      "Fractals, Spectra, and Function Spaces I - III." (cont.)
    • 6. Februar 1998 H. Triebel (Jena)
      "Fractals, Spectra, and Function Spaces I - III." (cont.)
  • summer term 1997
    • 18. April 1997 V. Rychkov (Jena)
      " The universal linear extension operator for the B- and F-spaces
      on Lipschitz domains"
    • 25. April 1997 W. Farkas (Jena)
      "Spuren von Funktionenräumen auf anisotropen d-Mengen
      und entsprechende Entropiezahlen"
    • 2. Mai 1997 J. Franke (Bonn)
      "Eine neue Klasse dipheomorphismeninvarianter Funktionenräume"
    • 9. Mai 1997 V. Rychkov (Jena)
      "More about the spaces on Lipschitz domains : intrinsic
      characterizations via local means"
    • 16. Mai 1997 W. Sickel (Jena)
      "Notwendige und hinreichende Bedingungen für Kompositionsoperatoren,
      welche Fsp,q in Wmp abbilden"
    • 23. Mai 1997 V. Shevchyk (Jena)
    • 30. Mai 1997 H. Triebel (Jena)
      "Quarks und Gaußlets" oder "Der Stoff, aus dem man Räume macht"
      mit dem Epilog "Was heißt und zu welchem Ende studiert man Universalräume ?"
    • 6. Juni 1997 G. Berger (Leipzig)
      "Eigenwertverteilungen elliptischer Operatoren in Gebieten
      mit fraktalem Rand"
    • 13. Juni 1997 V. Shevchyk (Jena)
    • 20. Juni 1997 J. Walter (Jena)
      "Über eine Klasse von gewichteten Funktionenräumen auf Gebieten"
    • 4. Juli 1997 K.V. Runovskii (Chernigov)
      "On the sharpness of order of smoothness in the Theorem on multipliers
      in trigonometric case"
    • Montag, 7. Juli 1997, 15.00 Uhr, SR 224
      E. M. Semenov (Voronez) "Complemented subspaces and interpolation"
    • 11. Juli 1997 S.-Zh. Huang (Jena) "Realisierungen von Lösungen der KdV Gleichung mit C0 Halbgruppen"
  • winter term 1996/97
    • 25. Oktober 1996 V. Kokilashvili (Tbilissi)
      "Two-weight problems for integral operators on homogeneous groups and applications"
    • 1. November 1996 H.-G. Leopold (Jena)
      "Einbettungen von Wps(x) in Lq(x)"
    • 8. November 1996 Th. Runst (Jena)
      "Verallgemeinerte Landesman-Lazer-Bedingungen für semilineare elliptische
      Randwertprobleme (1)"
    • 15. November 1996 Th. Runst (Jena)
      "Verallgemeinerte Landesman-Lazer-Bedingungen für semilineare elliptische
      Randwertprobleme (2)"
    • 22. November 1996
      M. Paluszynski (Wroclaw)
      "Characterization of the Besov-Lipschitz and Triebel-Lizorkin spaces
      with Schwartz class kernels"
      L. Pick (Prague)
      "Optimal Sobolev embeddings on rearrangement-invariant spaces"
      J. Rakosnik (Prague)
    • 6. Dezember 1996 M. Krbec (Prague)
      "Decomposition in exponential Orlicz spaces"
    • 13. Dezember 1996
      V. M. Tikhomirov
      "Smoothness, Approximation and Embedding"
      G. G. Magaril-Ilyaev (Moscow)
      "Average entropy and approximation characteristics"
    • 20. Dezember 1996 V. Rychkov (Jena)
      "On Besov and Triebel-Lizorkin spaces in domains: new intrinsic
    • 10. Januar 1997 V. Shevchyk (Jena)
      "Spectral properties of semi-elliptic operators"
    • 17. Januar 1997 P. Hajlasz (Warsaw)
      "Sobolev spaces on metric spaces, extension domains and traces"
    • 24. Januar 1997 W. Sickel (Jena)
      "Über Existenz und Regularität der Jacobischen Determinante"
    • 31. Januar 1997 W. Sickel (Jena)
      "Scharfe Einbettungen für Fspq und Bspq und Konsequenzen für M(Fspq) und M(Bspq)"
    • 7. Februar 1997
      H.-G. Feichtinger (Wien)
      "Neuere Ergebnisse in der Gaboranalysis"
      R. Duduchava (Tbilissi)
      " Asymptotics of solutions to pseudodifferential equations with applications
      to crack problems of anisotropic elasticity"
    • 12. Februar 1997 A. Caetano (Aveiro)
      "s-numbers in function spaces: the discretization technique revisited"